Ricardo Sanchez in New Life

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Today, I went to Starmall to just browse for books, I saw Sen. Manny Villar in the mall while I'm walking around it. and then few minutes later, I went to ATC with a friend to cross out one of life-goal. we then went to madrigal business park while she's reading my journal (and that's crazzzeyy!). and then we went to New Life to meet Ricardo Sanchez. He had this Worship Concert. I'm with those people on the picture.

Ricardo Sanchez have this wonderful testimony. He didn't just share his music to us. but even his experiences. His life. It's a wonderful night for us. I learned that there's no professional christian, we, all long and thirst for more of Jesus. He told us to MOVE FORWARD 'cause IT'S NOT OVER and as we received victory or when in times of trouble we need to SHOUT IT LOUD. there's no place like this, in God's presence. for HIS PRESENCE IS HEAVEN TO ME. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! 

"The devil knows your name and calls you by your sin, but the Lord knows your sin, and calls you by your name"


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