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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Take time to realize, that your warmth is crashing down on in. I hesitate to articulate that I might deviate in the highest form of accuracy what did I type those lyrics. I just want to share about my thinking chair. well, my friend has this thinking chair, I read it in her blog years ago. since I'm a copycat. I have my thinking chair also.

Its not an ordinary chair. 

Its a throne.

Actually a It's room.

okay. what am I saying? 

I'll just share. I have this area of vicinity where I'm always aware of what's running inside my head. that whenever I walked in that place, I also passed through the nerves and cells deep down my brain. I list down places. some are weird and others are common.

1.) Bedroom - Inside my customized, old-fashioned, weird, creepy, unusual bed for boys. I think about things, my thoughts here are based on what I just read or what just happened in me. Reading Books, SMS, Letters, Pictures, Music are the most common influence into my thoughts whenever I'm in my bed. 

2.) Sink - When I pick up those dirty plates, glass, fork and spoon. when the waters from the faucet rush down into my hands and when the bubble of the dishwasher filled the plates. I begun to think, of course I need some help of my music player to add emotion to my thinking. The most common thing that I think about here is my conversation to people. I always assume conversation in head just in case of emergency. so I'm ready when one of those fiction type of talks come to life. I also preach while I wash plates.

3.) Washroom - I don't know if this is weird. but I don't sing in the bathroom if the sun is still up, I sing when there's no one around. I don't want to be discovered. Since I can't sing, I sit down either in the THRONE or on the floor. and as I sit, I think about myself.  such as self-confidence, self-pity, self-esteem. I think about my decisions in life, my flaws and failures. HAHA! anything about myself. I think about me if I'm being a good person, a great person. while the waters poured out over my head and the soap 'causes me to be blind. somehow thinking about me gives me motivation. 

4.) Mall - I don't know if it really makes me think? I think its the music and the sense of being alone. I walk through the mall. I watch people whom I passed by, I look observe the scenarios and what's going on as if I'm a spy. I want to enjoy my walk in my own perspective. breaking the 'sayings' of other people. I want to prove them wrong. 

5.) Anywhere - kung saan ako aabutan. HAHA! XD

Just like what Men told in her blog. I should have an ACTION CHAIR. putting things into action. to end this here's a song of AGAINST THE CURRENT! 


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