Tither's Night 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Remember the Lord your God who gave you the ability to produce wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18

That's the theme for tonight's Tither's Thanksgiving Night. About remembering the one who gives us strength, knowledge and power to do such things that will gain us wealth.

This year's Tither's Night was early than expected, usually, it happens every November. before or after my birthday. the reason is we will celebrate our Church Anniversary on December so there will be less conflict.

I went to church early to help those people in church. Sadly, I didn't really help, I mean U helped them but that's not a really big thing. I just played around with balloons and play guitar. Sis. Molly told me that we should have a special number, I told Denise and Jasmin about it, they both agreed. 

at 5PM, Pastora Siony asked me to go to SM Muntinlupa to bought some foods for the caterers. so I did, on rush, 'cause we haven't practiced our special number yet. I came back to church, change my outfit and start practicing.

Say Hi to these lovely girls. pweh. HAHA! Oy kayong dalawa, compliment yan oh. bihira kong gawin yan dito sa blog ko, MAGPASALAMAT KAYO SAKEN! and you're welcome in advance. XD

KKB Table

Now All I am I lay at Your feet, I'm humbled by the wonders of Your majesty.
♫Unending Love♫

With Pastora Siony

wah?! My Dad sang? really. haha!

with grace and camille. :)

Mom and Dad

Grace, Miemie, Nak. XD

Best Pal. :)

Them! waiting for our turn in photobooth


This is EPEC. Soo EPEC! HAHAHA! 

me and my eszprenshipness

tongdalawangto. Gara and Best Pal

etopangdalawangto HJP and Eszpren
mami and dadi. :)
Highlight of the Night?
Food. Preaching. Photo booth. Testimonies. 

I went home by 11pm. 
So exhausted! O.o


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