Wedding Singers

Friday, July 26, 2013

I see the people passed by, they gather in unison in this place, to witness a once in a lifetime celebration. 

well, I was invited to a wedding. actually, I'm not really "invited" by the couple. My friends, Next Wave, were invited to play songs on the reception while Ate Leny and Kuya Rocky arranged the flowers. so, what I did is help them to what they're doing. I just helped a little and I didn't expect anything but they're kind :)

Aries and I explore around Caleruega Chapel of Transfiguration,Batulao Batangas. It's a wonderful place. 

Photo taken by Charlie :)

I watched how the wedding flow. It's my first time after years, so I'm excited 'cause I wanna know something. I observed and feel amazed on what happened. It'll be on my different entry. 

The flowers :)
I don't have the pictures of the newly wedding! Sorry! but here's the wedding video:

Jayson AND Liza SDE Wedding Video from Ferdie Flores on Vimeo.

at the reception.. Royale Tagaytay Country Club
My friends has awesome voices. They've done a good job! Ola! 

I have no words today! hahaha! bbye! :)



Laguna Hot Spring

Monday, July 22, 2013

Biglaang swimming sa Laguna Hot Spring! :)
tinatamad ako magkweto kase late na pero see the pictures nalang. XD

Yan, I'm with them. the whole day. from 5am to 5pm.

Charlie, Den and ate Judith cooking foods. on the other side, me and grace playing on the water.

Signature pose. XD

Bagong gising daw!

Food! :D

Gee! <3
ang korni ko talagang tao. XD


One of the things I learned today. Floating.
sisid and sirena.

before we make ahon

Oppa Gentleman! XD



Once Again

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I went here before 1pm, I can hear thunderstorms on a sunny day

thunderstorms on my chest. pupunta kaya sya?
we talked about it days before and yesterday we had a sulk?!
we also talked about NO SMS for this day. If something happened and one of us is unable to make it today. the other one will suffer. waiting. on that side.

it's 12:49nn already, still no shadows of her.
12:56nn, still hopeful. I know, she'll be here.
12:59:49nn, now hopeless.

I just plugged in my earphones and start listening to my playlist.
I knew it, she'll never come. but instead of swimming in disappointment, I just re-plan my day. being alone is not a stranger to me anyway.

but as I mumbled things on my head. I saw someone familiar. the hair, the height, the posture. she's here! the frown turns to smile and eventually it crashed me. she's not her. what's wrong with my eyes?! 

maybe I just stay here for 5 more minutes then, I'll go inside the mall.
1:04:45pm, I approached the mall. then, someone caught my attention. someone familiar, the hair, the height, the posture. this time I'm sure that's her.

I smile. teeth exposed.
what will I do?! What shall I do?! 
what response will I make?! GEE!

she didn't saw me. she just passed me by. seriously?! impossible! 
oh! k! There she was standing on our meeting place! what was she thinking?!
still angry at me?! why on earth she came here by the way?!

well, I have to make a move.
I approach her. slowly. should I say HI?! OLA?!
but before I say anything, she saw me already.
she was smiling. her eyes is smiling at me.

"what are you doing here" I said
"how about you?! what are you doing here?" she said

"I thought you'll never come" 
"me too"

"You didn't see me?! I'm on the other side"
"here's our meeting place, why are you on the other side?"

"neeh. let's go!"
"uhm. where?!"

"to where it all started.."

we do what we always do. the long talk and the foodtrip.
what happened in our talks will be in private. Char! 



Bye Tine!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Well, You went back to Atlanta, Georgia. Did I say goodbye already? as far as I can remember, I only asked you if you're ready to go. 
but this blog is for giving thanks. Thank you! I'm so happy that you came back, finally nabayaran mo na yung utang mo saken at ako pa ngayon ang may utang! thank you sa libre, sa mga kwento mo at sa pakikinig sa mga kalokohan ko. di man natin nagawa 'yung plinano natin sa chat palang. yung pag-cover natin ng songs, yung chaperon thing! 

O yeah. thanks for the BOOK at BOOK titles. I enjoyed the days that we met. kahit walang kakwenta-kwenta lang ang batian ang usapan natin. Ola.

ayun, may sasabihin pala ako:

Be strong in the Lord and
never give up hope.
You're gonna do great things
I already know
God's got his hand on you so 
don't live life in fear
forgive and forget
but don't forget why you're here
Take your time and pray
These are the words I would say

'til next time! 'yung business natin ah! XD



Twitter Trend: 20 Facts About My Best Buddies

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

first of all, I wanna say that I have more than one best friend. I'm telling you this for a reason, I want you to de crypt the list.

Best Buddy # 1

1. She loves Jesus
2. I met her in my bestfriend's home
3. She writes incredible poems 
4. She's the one who scolds me most of the time
5. Sweet
6. Weird
7. She has a Pliary (Planner type of Diary)
8. Caring
9. Faithful
10. Frank 
11. loves blue
12. craftswoman 
13. Cat lover/ Animal Lover
14. Talkative 
15. Adventurer
16. She loves tulips 
17. Old music style
18. She's addicted to donuts
19. Secret Keeper 

Best Buddy # 2

1. She loves Jesus
2. We became best friends through a cheeseburger 
3. Curious 
4. Bookworm
5. She collects letters and stuff toys
6. Has tons of secrets
7. Trivia Girl
8. Gleeful
9. loves the relationship of pink and violet
10. Mathematician 
11. Guitarist
12. Dancer
13. Music Buff
14. a wedding singer
15. She always smiles 
16. She loves tea
17. Lunatic
18. Quiet
19. She's a Princess

Best Buddy # 3

1. A Computer Hardware Genius 
2. Photographer
3. Creative
4. Has an amazing voice
5. Plays guitar
6. Vain
7. Mentor
8. Artistic
9. Noisy
10. Has lot of stories
11. Insane 
12. Funny
13. Jumpy
14. talkative
15. Oblivious 
16. Engineer 
17. Psychologist 
18. Computer Games Addict
19. Comedian

I only have two best buddies now. I'm so thankful that God gave them to me. yes! I only have two. the 3rd one is a mixture facts of my closest friends.
and the reason why I the 20th is empty simply because facts about them are almost unlimited. 


It's about Jesus!

God's Great Dance Floor!

Monday, July 08, 2013

I’m coming back to the start
Where You found me
I’m coming back to Your heart
Now I surrender
Take me
This is all I can bring

God's Great Dance Floor - Passion Ft. Chris Tomlin

Ang saya nila! Kahit ako, nandito, nakaupo sa harap ng computer napapa-indak ako. ang saya ng kanta nakakaenganyong sumayaw and to know na they're doing it for the Lord. Namiss ko tuloy ang Youth Summit. 

I just thought? timely ba 'to?
Well, someone told me that she don't like it when I dance, It is just it doesn't fit my personality. and just for the record, Di ako na-offend when she told me that, although sinabi nya yun not privately pero di din naman publicly, meron lang din akong kasama sa room na nakarinig. 

Passion, the one who sang God's Great Dance Floor, is it God telling me that I shouldn't be affected by what other would say if I dance in His dancefloor? that if it's really my PASSION, no one should judge me when I dance before Him? maybe what she says matter. she's not an ordinary person or church attendee, she's a leader in our church. No hard feelings though!  In fact, I'm not really dancing to please her. I'm dancing for the Lord! and I think, that's all that matter!

oh. by the way. It's not just DANCE. it's WORSHIP

I remember what King David said to Michal:
2 Samuel 6:22 I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.

She also told me that I have a gift in preaching. that overwhelm me. :)
Hooray for the King!

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