Once Again

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I went here before 1pm, I can hear thunderstorms on a sunny day

thunderstorms on my chest. pupunta kaya sya?
we talked about it days before and yesterday we had a sulk?!
we also talked about NO SMS for this day. If something happened and one of us is unable to make it today. the other one will suffer. waiting. on that side.

it's 12:49nn already, still no shadows of her.
12:56nn, still hopeful. I know, she'll be here.
12:59:49nn, now hopeless.

I just plugged in my earphones and start listening to my playlist.
I knew it, she'll never come. but instead of swimming in disappointment, I just re-plan my day. being alone is not a stranger to me anyway.

but as I mumbled things on my head. I saw someone familiar. the hair, the height, the posture. she's here! the frown turns to smile and eventually it crashed me. she's not her. what's wrong with my eyes?! 

maybe I just stay here for 5 more minutes then, I'll go inside the mall.
1:04:45pm, I approached the mall. then, someone caught my attention. someone familiar, the hair, the height, the posture. this time I'm sure that's her.

I smile. teeth exposed.
what will I do?! What shall I do?! 
what response will I make?! GEE!

she didn't saw me. she just passed me by. seriously?! impossible! 
oh! k! There she was standing on our meeting place! what was she thinking?!
still angry at me?! why on earth she came here by the way?!

well, I have to make a move.
I approach her. slowly. should I say HI?! OLA?!
but before I say anything, she saw me already.
she was smiling. her eyes is smiling at me.

"what are you doing here" I said
"how about you?! what are you doing here?" she said

"I thought you'll never come" 
"me too"

"You didn't see me?! I'm on the other side"
"here's our meeting place, why are you on the other side?"

"neeh. let's go!"
"uhm. where?!"

"to where it all started.."

we do what we always do. the long talk and the foodtrip.
what happened in our talks will be in private. Char! 


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