Wedding Singers

Friday, July 26, 2013

I see the people passed by, they gather in unison in this place, to witness a once in a lifetime celebration. 

well, I was invited to a wedding. actually, I'm not really "invited" by the couple. My friends, Next Wave, were invited to play songs on the reception while Ate Leny and Kuya Rocky arranged the flowers. so, what I did is help them to what they're doing. I just helped a little and I didn't expect anything but they're kind :)

Aries and I explore around Caleruega Chapel of Transfiguration,Batulao Batangas. It's a wonderful place. 

Photo taken by Charlie :)

I watched how the wedding flow. It's my first time after years, so I'm excited 'cause I wanna know something. I observed and feel amazed on what happened. It'll be on my different entry. 

The flowers :)
I don't have the pictures of the newly wedding! Sorry! but here's the wedding video:

Jayson AND Liza SDE Wedding Video from Ferdie Flores on Vimeo.

at the reception.. Royale Tagaytay Country Club
My friends has awesome voices. They've done a good job! Ola! 

I have no words today! hahaha! bbye! :)


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