God's Love Language

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If you're aware about Love Languages. You probably to the test and you now know what's yours. you see, there are 5 Love Languages according to Gary Chapman in his book series (5 Love Language)

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts Of Service
Physical Touch

I took the test a year ago and I end up with 2 languages. Words of Affirmation and Receiving Gifts. I am Bilingual! it means that my love tank is being filled when Words and Gifts is being spoken to me. No wonder why I collect those almost non-sense things in my room and save messages on my phone. 

so I wonder, what does God's love language?

Is it Words of Affirmation or Quality Time or Receiving Gifts or Acts Of Service
or maybe Physical Touch. If you'll ask me (even if you don't, I will say it)

Words of Affirmation
Worship, Adoration, Praise, God longs for that.

The Lord says: "These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men. Isaiah 29:13

Quality Time
take time to pray. to talk to Him in very circumstances.

One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. Luke 6:12

Receiving Gifts
Offering sacrifices. Giving to others. Giving our tithes and offering.

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Acts Of Service
Obey God's Word. Help each other. What you do to others. You did to Him.

It is the LORD your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him. Deuteronomy 13:4  

Physical Touch
How can God experience Physical Touch if we can't see Him. He's in Heaven. around 2000 years ago, God brought Jesus to earth as a Human. so, the love language of physical touch is being spoken to Jesus only 2000 years ago. right?!
well, I guess not. have you ever felt the goosebumps in worship or in preaching? I believe that it's God way of touching us. in that way, He can feel us. We can feel us. Physically.

Then laid they [their] hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost. Acts 8:17

according to John 4:8, God is love, So asking me "what is God's Love Language, so we can fill His love tank?" I believe everything, the 5 of them. think about it. :))


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10 Ways to be AWESOME!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Let's not waste any of your time. here's my list.

10. Serve

Care for someone, help someone, listen to people, serve them. You can touch their lives without you knowing. Some may take it for granted but who cares. there's this awesome feeling when you serve and made someone smile.

9. Go on an adventure

Mountain climbing, forest camping, sky diving. go into the wild. don't forget to bring a camera, a journal and to have fun. There's more to life than staying home or office. Get out sometimes.

8. Create a trade mark

people remember you if you have this trade mark. I have this trade mark and people remember me by that and it was an accidental trade mark. I didn't plan for it. it just pope-ed. But I tell you it's awesome to have a Trade Mark

7. Do what you say

When you say something, do it. Don't let any procrastination-feeling take over you. especially when you said it to a person. Do it. even if you don't make a promise. and you'll see they'll start believing in you. They'll trust you. 

6. Get out of your comfort zone

This is one of hardest thing to do in life. to go out of your comfort zone. there's an awesome place outside, that is in courage zone, where you take risks and problems are always present. and just to let you know there's something about chasing after your goals and dreams. and you can only go into your destination in the Courage Zone. 
In Courage Zone, fearful are not allowed.

5. Learn, Unlearn, Re-Learn
Be wise. Acquire wisdom. Be understanding. Read books. explore more. don't be foolish. I have this friend in high school who always want to learn something, he told me that It feels good to know something in everything. unlearn bad habits. Re-learn the things you need. things that you needed in your life. You learn once or twice about something and once you learned it, you can use it always.

4. Keep Move Forward

Don't let the past ruin your present or your future. there's is more in today and tomorrow. Ghosts of your past might scare you now but seriously, have you seen any ghost? most of ghost stories are made up and just a form of imaginations and/or hallucinations. In fact, there is no definite statement about ghosts. XD

Keep moving forward. Life goes on. Time never stop to wait for you. Don't let yourself left behind. Go for a walk. It's not about who's getting first. what matters is in the journey.


This is my blog tagline for years.
Live today. don't worry. be happy.
Love, spread love to the people around you. never hate. it's not good for your health. be lovely. be lovable. be an inspiration.
Forgive, forgiving will always be the right choice. so do it.
Never Give up. Pursuing your dreams. Goals. this might be too mainstream but that's a fact. never give up until you get what you want or when you realize something about it.
You'll never get know what's ahead when you give up early. so don't. keep on trying. 

2. Be awesome

Just feel awesome! Be cool. neeh. Know your purpose in life. pray to God. know about Jesus and have a relationship with Him and just for the record. That's the best relationship you'll ever have in your life. and when you finally know why God let you exist, you know you're awesome. because God made you awesome. 

Ephesians 2:10(NLT)
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

1. Basically, that's not all. So I leave you only 9 of my 10 ways. and by the way this is not all about being awesome in front of others but for yourself and for some people and to God. there are tons of ways to be awesome and those on the list are the most believable to me?! neh. number 2 is the best. so, Best blessing in your journey of being awesome! 


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Anung Meron Nung August 3

Monday, August 19, 2013

Anung bang meron nung August 3?
Kung titingnan nyo sa kalendaryo, pumatak sya ng sabado. Isang normal sa sabado para saken pero anu bang ang nilalaman ng "normal na sabado?", madalas ko kase naririnig yan pagmay kumakamusta sa araw ng isang tao. madalas na sagot eh "okay lang", "parang normal na araw lang", "normal lang".

Normal na araw - ito yung araw na normal lang. (I know, I know, even myself gets amazed by my brilliance). nagaganap 'yung mga bagay na usually mong ginagawa.  kumaen, matulog, manood ng tv, magtrabaho, mag-aral, magbasa ng libro, magSocial Network/Internet (facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger, youtube, vk, gmail, ymail, MySpace, Google Plus, Imdb.. etc).

yan ang normal na araw, pero napagtanto ko na rin yan minsan sa nakaraan. nakita ko sya na parang 'waste of day', kase walang bago. Don't get me wrong but come think of it. 1 Sunday in our life group, I always hear those normal na araw lang o normal na week tapos sasabihin nila na "pass" eh kame naman mag-mmove on.

So I have this Idea na binigay ko sakanila as challenge. even sakin. Don't let the day passed by that you don't have anything to share. 'yung may something out of your "normal day", Hindi ko alam exactly kung pano pero sigurado kapag ginawa nila yun, may innovation.

so mabalik tayo..

August 3, 2013
Normal na araw lang para saken but since I don't let the day passed by that I don't have anything to share, This is the day where I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, again.
at eto naman 'yung mga tweets ko that day:

tapos eto 'yung ni-like ko sa

di ko exactly natatandaan 'yung iba pang nangyare pero gusto ko lang sabihin na importante saken ang mga detalye, minsan nga lang parang non-sense pero importante talaga saken.
meron kase akong binubuong puzzle.

May nangyareng mejo kakaiba nung August 3 di man saken pero sa iba. *Insert me na nakataas ang kilay*


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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Di ko na macontain. I think I should type it na. well, I just wanted to say:

Malakas na ata tama ko! promise! nakooo talaga. kung alam nyo lang! kalmado lang ako pero nagkakagulo na sa loob ko. promise talaga. peksman! 
so what am I saying?!

uhm. I shouldn't be doing this but I think I'll do it anyway. I love blabbering, just so you know. blab. blab. blab. please! stop! 

Hi reader! 
Do you ever feel, at once, twice or many times in your entire life that you're shouting in sadness, annoyance or happiness. actually, it doesn't run on sadness, annoyance or happiness but in the existence of extremes in those feelings.

Its already 12mn. what do you expect me to do? SHOUT IT LOUD NOW?!
Yes! I'm shouting using my keyboard. AMAZING!  O.O

I know that you know what I feel now. You've experience it. I just don't know if you have this alteration thingy when you found yourself singing inside those emotions. 
What I learn now is self-control, again. 

I once teach that to a friend (I wonder what happened) and I'm not even mastering it. you see, Its hard to preach what you do not do. right? specially when you just learned it moments ago. 

imagine you're holding a game controller. but this time, you're not playing a game. YOU are the GAME. and whenever you press a wrong button, you'll get hurt. another wrong button, another pinch, wound, bruise. If you don't think before you press. soon, you're gonna DIE! neeh! we're all gonna die! but what I mean is whenever you've made a wrong decision, whenever you've hit a button without thinking.. You're surely have a bad time and there are times that you can't go back to that checkpoint. You have to face what's NOW and AHEAD. in all the mistakes, you must learn. in all the pain, you must endure. in all the tears, you have to move on. but never ever forget to keep those things with you, as well as the memories, it'll remind you that you're still on the go, in the game, because its not yet the end, there maybe regrets. BUT it doesn't END there. BECAUSE the game is not yet over. and take note. you're holding the controller.

nuff said.


Author's Note

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ola! Ayan, nagfifeeling na naman ako. pagbigyan nyo na 'ko. wag nang umangal at magbasa nalang. k? I've been reading stories on wattpad and I love how the writers interact with the readers through author's notes. 

So ayun, sorry kung ngayon lang ulit ako nakapag-update ng blog ko. well, as if naman may nagtitiis na basahin 'to. see?! pati sarili ko inuuto ko. lakas ng tama ko no?! well, deal with it Jabes! XD

So eto na ang update! (talagang pinanindigan ko na pooo. ^_^)

**Now Playing: Her Father's Song**

umalis ako dito sa bahay ng kaibigan ko ng masama loob. tahimik lang ako buong araw. gusto kong magkwento at mangulit pero parang may pimipigil saken. ewan ko kung napansin nila pero siguro. pansin naman  ata nila eh.

basta sobrang cold ko. Alam ko, naka-earphones lang ako kanina pa tapos nagbabasabasa ng istorya. wala tuloy akong mapagkwentuhan ng nangyare kahapon.

paglabas ko, napansin kong kinakaen na ng dilim ang kalangitan. tiningnan ko orasan ko. 5pm pa lang naman. pero mukang bubuhos ang malakas na ulan. WALA AKONG PAYONG! Syete! so affected ako?! di naman ako nagdadala talaga ng payong, gusto ko ngang maligo sa ulan.

pero iba 'yung DESIRE ko ngayon sa ulan..


umuulan na naman.. napasulat tuloy ako sa sought-after notebook ko.

Bakit nga ba ang eksena sa ulanan eh kakaiba, may drama, may lungkot, may kilig, may saya. kumbaga, may dagdag emosyon pag doon ang settings. pero ganun ba talaga yun? sa isang natural na pagbaksak ng ulan, maraming bagay ang nangyayare, mga bagay na worth remembering?! 

sa ibang ibayo, naiinis sila sa ulan dahil sa perwisyong dulot nito. may natatakot bumaha. o sadyang ayaw lang mabasa.

sa kabilang banda, eh ang mga emo na ninanais umulan para daw di mapansin ang mga patak ng luha sa kanilang mga mata.

meron din namang gusto lang maligo sa ulan. 

pero ako?! masasabi ko, kahit ano pang pinagdadaanan mo, di natin control yang ulan. di natin mapipilit na bumaksak ito. babaksak siya kung kelan nya ginusto, kung kelan sya tawagin ng panahon at pagkakataon. 
sa istorya ng mga tao. dagdag drama. dagdag kasiyahan.

at eto ako, tahimik na pinakikinggan ang musika na hatid ng ulan. wala akong specific na iniisip pero nag-eenjoy ako.


plok! tumingin ako sa kalangitan. ayan na syaaa. lumuluha na ang mga ulap! OOH YEAH BABY! SIge Sabayan nyo ko! NAPAKAHUSAY! BWHAHAHAHA!
nakikita kong nagsisitakbuhan na yung mga tao para makahanap ng masisilungan, 'yung iba naman dali-daling naglalabas ng payong.

ako?! Walang payong?! iEnjoy nalang! tanggap ko naman to eh. kase walang may pakielam saken. puro sarili lang nila iniisip nila. 

yun ang akala ko. 
biglang tumigil yung ulan sa paligid ko. pagangat ko ng ulo ko, may harang. kulay violet na may dots. 

may nagpayong saken?! 

Totoo ba 'to?!


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