Thursday, August 08, 2013

Di ko na macontain. I think I should type it na. well, I just wanted to say:

Malakas na ata tama ko! promise! nakooo talaga. kung alam nyo lang! kalmado lang ako pero nagkakagulo na sa loob ko. promise talaga. peksman! 
so what am I saying?!

uhm. I shouldn't be doing this but I think I'll do it anyway. I love blabbering, just so you know. blab. blab. blab. please! stop! 

Hi reader! 
Do you ever feel, at once, twice or many times in your entire life that you're shouting in sadness, annoyance or happiness. actually, it doesn't run on sadness, annoyance or happiness but in the existence of extremes in those feelings.

Its already 12mn. what do you expect me to do? SHOUT IT LOUD NOW?!
Yes! I'm shouting using my keyboard. AMAZING!  O.O

I know that you know what I feel now. You've experience it. I just don't know if you have this alteration thingy when you found yourself singing inside those emotions. 
What I learn now is self-control, again. 

I once teach that to a friend (I wonder what happened) and I'm not even mastering it. you see, Its hard to preach what you do not do. right? specially when you just learned it moments ago. 

imagine you're holding a game controller. but this time, you're not playing a game. YOU are the GAME. and whenever you press a wrong button, you'll get hurt. another wrong button, another pinch, wound, bruise. If you don't think before you press. soon, you're gonna DIE! neeh! we're all gonna die! but what I mean is whenever you've made a wrong decision, whenever you've hit a button without thinking.. You're surely have a bad time and there are times that you can't go back to that checkpoint. You have to face what's NOW and AHEAD. in all the mistakes, you must learn. in all the pain, you must endure. in all the tears, you have to move on. but never ever forget to keep those things with you, as well as the memories, it'll remind you that you're still on the go, in the game, because its not yet the end, there maybe regrets. BUT it doesn't END there. BECAUSE the game is not yet over. and take note. you're holding the controller.

nuff said.


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