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Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 13, 2013

My friend Anne, PM-ed me on Facebook, begging for help, she'll buy a new laptop.
we met at Starmall, search for good-working laptops and went to Festival. there, we went to Goldilocks to say "Hi" to Angel. then, she treat us Lumpiang Sariwa. Delicious. then we stayed for a while. she went under time and informed the rest of VenInoSo De MeSuTo. Errol's is in Festival also, so we don't have a hard time waiting for him. Daryl can't go. as well as McLean. We passed by Jhetro at tom's world and wait for him at foodcourt. Then someone treat us in Roller Coaster. and mini-ferris wheel. and we end up singing in Video-oke. 

Food Trip at our all time meeting place

On the way to coaster

We'll be off any minute now!

Free Ferris wheel
The Ending.


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2 Slices of Pizza

Friday, September 27, 2013

what does it mean when we say.. with all my heart?
Is it the full attention and might?
but how can we say that we're doing it with all our hearts?

here's the philosophical situation of mine, can I share this with you?! 
hmm. here it goes..

what If you're eating dinner with your family and friends..
can you say "I'm eating with all of my heart"? all your attention and might and everything is on 'eating', right? but you are with your  family and friends, which is your love ones
and that divides it. There's the love with your family and friends and there's the love for your 'food/eating'.

so, how can you say that you're eating with all your heart?
It contradicts everything.

I remember a verse in the bible that talks about the sum total of the Law (the 10 commandments ) it says that "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself."

The greatest question for me is how can we love God? 
How to love God? Let me tell you some things that I usually think about. 
They say being a Christian is not easy. It's hard. Neeeh! Christianity, honestly speaking, is IMPOSSIBLE! why? Because it requires our all. 
It requires perfection.

Just so you know. All = Everything. Perfect = Complete. 

Why? Because God is Holy. He is Perfect. He is separated. Apart from us. that's it. God is Holy, perfect, separated, apart from us. and in order to go before Him must follow His commands. but we're sinners. No one among us can stand before God. No one.

Although Christianity require our ALL. Our PERFECTION which no human being can accomplish. Jesus came. to the rescue. to rescue us.
He gave everything. He lived Perfectly. 

and there comes Grace. 
The ever beautiful exchange.

that's why He suffered so much on the way to the cross and to the cross.
that 'exchange' will only happen through our faith in Him.

and about the all our heart thing? This is what I believe in.
Our heart is divided to different section. Let me put it this way.

imagine a pizza. a big rounded pizza. your dad bought it for your family.
So, to be fair. He cuts it into 8 slices, since there's four of you in the family.
2 for your Mom, 2 for your Dad, 2 for you and 2 for your sibling. 8 slices in total.

Just like our hearts, there's a section for your family, friends, love of your life, passion, God, etc.. I hope you're getting my point here.
when you say I love my family with all of my heart. You're giving them the 2 slices that's set apart for them.
when you say I love my friends with all of my heart. You're giving them the 2 slices that's set apart for them.
when you say I love my food/eating with all of my heart. You're giving the 2 slices that's set apart for food.

for in our hearts, there's a slice just made for them and you will always find a way to give that 2 slices to them.

I hope I make sense. somehow. 


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Manila International Book Fair

Friday, September 27, 2013

2 weeks late post.

There's this book fair in SMX Convention Center in MOA. and I have a friend that's going there. Since I have been invited. I went in. We met at SMX and we bought tickets there and we started to be amazed and be drowned with books inside. We don't know where will we start.

We passed through PCBS, OMF Lit, Summit, PSICOM, CSM, National Bookstore, Shepherd's Voice. we bought a total of 6 books. of course, this is a book fair. Discounts and amazing offers are all around. these are the book titles we bought.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye - Joshua Harris

God's Not Dead - Rice Broocks
You Can Make Your Life Beautiful - Bo Sanchez
The Old path of loving relationships - Bo Sanchez
5 Love Language Single Edition - Gary Chapman
5 Language of Apology - Jennifer Thomas & Gary Chapman

And guess what? we met some of wattpad authors around. they're great. and what excites me during the bookfair is when we saw Bo Sanchez. that's what push us to buy his books. there's this signing and picture taking. We don't have a camera, signing would be great.

we end up eating at McDonald's before going home. It's a lovely day. :D

The only picture I saw around Social Media that includes me

That feeling when you met your favorite author? Oh my. XD



That Night

The duty

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I remember one time, a friend leaves me in exchange of having fun with other friends. Making things worst, we have a duty that time, the two of us. So it means, I'll work alone. since, we're on the same place, I can partly hear their laughs behind. I just pretend I'm busy. I envy them.

I'm mad but I didn't tell. All this emotion is inside me. well, not all but those negative emotions eats me up. and I tell you, It's not good for your health! My mind doubles up. Everything my friend does is not good in my own. I hated that friend of mine.

but you know what?
There's a change of view, those negative emotion became positive. The negative emotion that I told you? They eat up the same atoms inside me. the negatives and it leaves me purely positive. that friend that I hated? I'm not thankful to what that friend did.

you ask me why.
well, If he didn't choose our friends over me. I will never had a chance to appreciate what I'm doing. There's this part of me now that I don't want to let go of, because of that incident. I never ever forget that time. although it makes me sweaty and haggard. although the hassle came across my fingers. although I hated that job. 

It maybe a simple day in my perspective but nothing compares to that. I loved that job I used to hate. because of a one simple reason. I'm part of that glorious night.


It's about Jesus!

Something To Be Proud Of

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I always wanted to post this blog. My definite laziness conquer me always.
It is laziness or my incredible ability to forget? well, I'm just want to share this extreme happiness about some friends around me. It's about my brothers and sisters in Christ also known as my friends in the church.

so here it goes. 

I'm with them since the beginning of time. the beginning of my Christian faith. they're the one who laughs with me and do crazy things with. They also, as Christians, share their faith with me. We asked and be asked for advice about our life. This past few years and months, we've been church-schooled. We attend seminars, empowerments, trainings and conferences. and no doubt, we've learned a lot. well, we can't remember some of them but I believe it moves us in a way.

This year is different. Of course, every single year is different from the others but what makes this year different from the past is.. We, the youths, stepped up. actually, some of us were pushed. but wouldn't you believe it, that push makes us better than ever. those training are total non sense when not put into action.

So, what am I saying?!
One Sunday service, I found myself looking and observing around the place. Many things have changed, not for bad but for good. for God's greater glory. I looked at those friends that I have, they're using their talents and time and effort to give God the highest glory. To give Him the worship He deserved. A pure heart and soul that longs for His presence.

God is good. I know it even before, that these youths will be used by God. They will never be silent in their faith. they will step forward. fight the battle against the enemy and they will never back down.

So, do you want me to spill those people out?
Do you think it's a good idea?

here it goessss..

The Worship Singers. They have incredible singing voices. I believe that God is soo glad as  they sing songs of worship to Him. 'cause they not just singing, they worshiping God and they're using their God given talent as a declaration of their faith in Him 

The Worship Dancers. The one's who grooves like worms and gracefully moves like Michael Jackson. HAHA! They use their elegant movements to praise God out of their breaths. They may not have angelic voices to sing 

we may not have angelic voices to praise God or graceful movements to dance with God. but.. being called a child of God. that we have an opportunity to serve Him and know Him is a great honor.

to the KKBs and Friends. I'm not the one who encourage you or taught you every pattern or secrets about that ministry. I know nothing. but still.. as a friend. It's something to be proud of.


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Part of me

Monday, September 09, 2013

I don't know how to put words differently for you now
I can't just think of anything, but I'll never stop
Good thing I have this good music playing on my wiggly mind
It makes me want to dance

Dance, yes, dance, with you, like It will be our last
when we persuade and be carried away by the song
as we exchange smiles, I'll be stunned by those beautiful eyes
It brings me colors just like the rainbow

Rainbow, those eyes are like one
so much innocence, so much beauty
It brings me joy, that I can't express neatly
I'm not sure if where it will lead me
but I'm sure I'll be happy

Happy, surely, I'm happy 'cause I'm with you
we've cherish what we had in the past
and when I think back those times that I'm with you
regret can't enter in

essentially, you're a part of me now
a part of me, a part of my life
you once, twice and many times will enter my thoughts
you'll go crashing inside, making me crazy

You're crazy. I'm crazy
that's why we belong to each other
You're a part of me..

but am I occupying a space in you?



when was the last time you've read a book?

Monday, September 09, 2013

May barkong lumubog
May kaguluhan sa ibang bansa
May nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan

tapos ikaw, nagiinternet tapos nakatunganga dito sa article na 'to?
kung umaasa ka na may sense ang patuloy na pagbabasa mo. Ikaw lang ang makakasagot nyan. pero alam mo kase ang pagbabasa ay hindi lang trabaho ng 'yong mata at bibig. Isa itong isang uri ng communication, nakikipag-konek ka sa Idea or thoughts ng writer, magbbring-up ka ng questions kapag may mga malabo sa'yong bagay. Minsan discussion ito na kelangan mo din maki-cooperate at sumagot, tumaliwas at makiayon.

dahil pagnagbasa ka. may natututunan ka. Iba't ibang way ng tao sa paghandle sa buhay. mga istoryang nakakaiyak at kakaiba pero nagagawa nilang naglapasan. sa mga istoryang 'yun tayo'y naiinspire at na momotivate. Minsan pa nga it became our soul food.

Masarap kaseng magbasa. dadalhin ka nito sa isang lugar na di mo pa napupuntahan. Ipapakilala sa mga taong di mo pa namemeet at matututunan ang iba't ibang kaalaman nila sa mundong ito.

when was the last time you've read a book?!



Who's Running

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Who's running in the marathon?
Who's qualified in the race?
Who will join you?

I remember when I joined a run. It was tiring because I'm not an athlete. The main goal of the run is to run, but it doesn't really matter who gone first, second or third. Its about finishing the run. I call it a run because it's not a race. Its something more like a jog. thousand run the run, I don't know what placer am I, but I'm glad I finished it without breaking a bone. but some wants my leg broke!

but really.

Who's occupying the weigh of your emotion?
Who's running Inside your head?

I get so curious sometimes that I want to be inside that brain and search for reliable files about you. but the saddest truth is. I have no access inside. I have no pass. No ticket. No Admission. What can I do is to wait for you to reveal it. But does it matter when It's too late? Does it hurt me or make me feel like flying?


but seriously, who's running inside your head?
I wanna know. because you can ask me.
You have the pass. the ticket. the admission.
and you can sit back and watch everything you wanna know.


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No One Sees. No One Notice

Sunday, September 08, 2013

You come to your room running
You shut the door and locked it
You turned on your music and choose a sad song
You maximized It's volume

You  try to synchronize everything wit the beat
You closed your eyes and feel the song
You can hear heartbeats from your chest
You saw teardrops from your cheeks

You wiped it  away to pretend
You ignore how you look
You replay the song
You replay the reason why you're there

You can't believe in it
You try not to cry
You saw how everything fall apart
You breathe in and out much deeper

You know you can't take it
You know you need help
But you choose to be alone
You know you need love
but you don't want it

In every step you take  it's breaking you again


It's about Jesus!

How Do You Want Your Life To Be Remembered?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

One of my favorite talks of our KKB Chairman & the Director General of TESDA Sec. Joel Villanueva is when he talks about existence. when he talks about it he usually insert this question: How do you want your life to be remembered?

If I ask you today that same question?
Will you answer it quickly or it will take you time. What's popping on your head by now? Are you picturing yourself living the dream or visualizing a monument in some park?
Do you want to be remembered only by the people that surrounds you everyday?
or even those who you do not know?
do you want to be in the history book as if you saved the world?
or as a faith-hero for many?

There's a journey to walk on. a path to choose from. there will be hundreds of problems ahead. do you want to stay as you are, in the same old place or you want to challenge yourself and go into adventures.

Do you stop in the midst of the storm, feeling helpless.
or do you go beyond the difficulties, taking your dreams.

In anyway, your life will be remembered. In a good or the bad way.
the truth is when you do bad, many will hate you and curse you. while on the other side, there will still be haters and they will curse you but many will bless you as a 'counterattack' for you have planted good seeds in their hearts.

I overheard something today. Its a disturbing question. and it goes like this:
If you're a cockroach, how can you save the world?

Did you know that every time I hear someone say "cockroach/Ipis", I want to say something?! Trivia: Cockroach came from the word Cock (Chicken) and Roach (Fish) so basically cockroaches are Chicken Fish!

If I'm a cockroach, how can I save the world?
Its a trick question and truly, I don't know what's their motif of asking this question but let's go to my answer.

cockroaches saves the world as "decomposers". they decompose dead animals, people and everything. although they're not the only insects that decompose, there are also bacteria but cockroaches are big help. So If I'm a cockroach, I will do the same thing as other cockroaches do. decompose! You don't want to see the world without decomposition!

You see, whatever you do, people will remember you, in your little deeds and small acts. In how you live your life, you will be remembered! As Villain or as a hero, as a whistle-blower or a victim. You will. So, how do you want your life be remembered?


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Thursday, September 05, 2013

What makes something cute?
Is it the fluffiness of an object or the tininess of it.
Is it the puppy you own who has lots of hair
or that cat in your backyard with huge eyes

how about the baby's wiggly cheek and the flashing bright colors
M&M's with eyes, your favorite fatty fonts
the cling of a stuff toy, a piglet bath with paint
a pokemon-type pet

Old-yet-still-sweet couple?
a yawning baby animal
the innocence of child's curiosity
tell me, what makes something cute?

"It's so fluffy I wanna die!"
- someone, somewhere

Cute is shortening of acute; informal sense of "pretty" is 1834, American English student slang. It is a slang they use when they see something pretty.

oooooh. Cute! Drooling time! XD

and by the way. You're soo cute :D


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