Thursday, September 05, 2013

What makes something cute?
Is it the fluffiness of an object or the tininess of it.
Is it the puppy you own who has lots of hair
or that cat in your backyard with huge eyes

how about the baby's wiggly cheek and the flashing bright colors
M&M's with eyes, your favorite fatty fonts
the cling of a stuff toy, a piglet bath with paint
a pokemon-type pet

Old-yet-still-sweet couple?
a yawning baby animal
the innocence of child's curiosity
tell me, what makes something cute?

"It's so fluffy I wanna die!"
- someone, somewhere

Cute is shortening of acute; informal sense of "pretty" is 1834, American English student slang. It is a slang they use when they see something pretty.

oooooh. Cute! Drooling time! XD

and by the way. You're soo cute :D


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