How Do You Want Your Life To Be Remembered?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

One of my favorite talks of our KKB Chairman & the Director General of TESDA Sec. Joel Villanueva is when he talks about existence. when he talks about it he usually insert this question: How do you want your life to be remembered?

If I ask you today that same question?
Will you answer it quickly or it will take you time. What's popping on your head by now? Are you picturing yourself living the dream or visualizing a monument in some park?
Do you want to be remembered only by the people that surrounds you everyday?
or even those who you do not know?
do you want to be in the history book as if you saved the world?
or as a faith-hero for many?

There's a journey to walk on. a path to choose from. there will be hundreds of problems ahead. do you want to stay as you are, in the same old place or you want to challenge yourself and go into adventures.

Do you stop in the midst of the storm, feeling helpless.
or do you go beyond the difficulties, taking your dreams.

In anyway, your life will be remembered. In a good or the bad way.
the truth is when you do bad, many will hate you and curse you. while on the other side, there will still be haters and they will curse you but many will bless you as a 'counterattack' for you have planted good seeds in their hearts.

I overheard something today. Its a disturbing question. and it goes like this:
If you're a cockroach, how can you save the world?

Did you know that every time I hear someone say "cockroach/Ipis", I want to say something?! Trivia: Cockroach came from the word Cock (Chicken) and Roach (Fish) so basically cockroaches are Chicken Fish!

If I'm a cockroach, how can I save the world?
Its a trick question and truly, I don't know what's their motif of asking this question but let's go to my answer.

cockroaches saves the world as "decomposers". they decompose dead animals, people and everything. although they're not the only insects that decompose, there are also bacteria but cockroaches are big help. So If I'm a cockroach, I will do the same thing as other cockroaches do. decompose! You don't want to see the world without decomposition!

You see, whatever you do, people will remember you, in your little deeds and small acts. In how you live your life, you will be remembered! As Villain or as a hero, as a whistle-blower or a victim. You will. So, how do you want your life be remembered?


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