Manila International Book Fair

Friday, September 27, 2013

2 weeks late post.

There's this book fair in SMX Convention Center in MOA. and I have a friend that's going there. Since I have been invited. I went in. We met at SMX and we bought tickets there and we started to be amazed and be drowned with books inside. We don't know where will we start.

We passed through PCBS, OMF Lit, Summit, PSICOM, CSM, National Bookstore, Shepherd's Voice. we bought a total of 6 books. of course, this is a book fair. Discounts and amazing offers are all around. these are the book titles we bought.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye - Joshua Harris

God's Not Dead - Rice Broocks
You Can Make Your Life Beautiful - Bo Sanchez
The Old path of loving relationships - Bo Sanchez
5 Love Language Single Edition - Gary Chapman
5 Language of Apology - Jennifer Thomas & Gary Chapman

And guess what? we met some of wattpad authors around. they're great. and what excites me during the bookfair is when we saw Bo Sanchez. that's what push us to buy his books. there's this signing and picture taking. We don't have a camera, signing would be great.

we end up eating at McDonald's before going home. It's a lovely day. :D

The only picture I saw around Social Media that includes me

That feeling when you met your favorite author? Oh my. XD



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