Part of me

Monday, September 09, 2013

I don't know how to put words differently for you now
I can't just think of anything, but I'll never stop
Good thing I have this good music playing on my wiggly mind
It makes me want to dance

Dance, yes, dance, with you, like It will be our last
when we persuade and be carried away by the song
as we exchange smiles, I'll be stunned by those beautiful eyes
It brings me colors just like the rainbow

Rainbow, those eyes are like one
so much innocence, so much beauty
It brings me joy, that I can't express neatly
I'm not sure if where it will lead me
but I'm sure I'll be happy

Happy, surely, I'm happy 'cause I'm with you
we've cherish what we had in the past
and when I think back those times that I'm with you
regret can't enter in

essentially, you're a part of me now
a part of me, a part of my life
you once, twice and many times will enter my thoughts
you'll go crashing inside, making me crazy

You're crazy. I'm crazy
that's why we belong to each other
You're a part of me..

but am I occupying a space in you?


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