she left

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I never thought any of this will happen

but I'm so glad, I know its real
That I'm not dreaming or under illusion
My hands on her waist
Hers on my shoulder

Everything is in slow motion as I look into her eyes
My peripheral vision saw petals falling down behind her
and I hear the beat of the song we're dancing to
Now, everything is in fast forward

Swaying in the beat of music
I can feel the shaking of my knees
sweat of my foreheads are starting to bubble
and she's smiling at me

How can I take this moment of silence with her
Her eyes to my eyes
After hours and hours of stare-while-dancing game
I smiled. She won. My heart

There's something beyond her eyes
the passion, the seduction, the innocence
but i really didn't expect what happened next
the thing i thought forever
has its ending

the song changed
everything's back to normal
no slowmotion, no fast forward
in normal form

and then, something's pulling me away from her
I saw how joy turned into confusion in her eyes
I'm reaching her hand
I know I'm screaming in my head
it's starting to be blurry

I can't deny that this split seconds means a lot to me
the moment that our hands has set apart is heartbreaking for me
but I don't want any of this be the end
'cause I know, there is much more than this


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