Something To Be Proud Of

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I always wanted to post this blog. My definite laziness conquer me always.
It is laziness or my incredible ability to forget? well, I'm just want to share this extreme happiness about some friends around me. It's about my brothers and sisters in Christ also known as my friends in the church.

so here it goes. 

I'm with them since the beginning of time. the beginning of my Christian faith. they're the one who laughs with me and do crazy things with. They also, as Christians, share their faith with me. We asked and be asked for advice about our life. This past few years and months, we've been church-schooled. We attend seminars, empowerments, trainings and conferences. and no doubt, we've learned a lot. well, we can't remember some of them but I believe it moves us in a way.

This year is different. Of course, every single year is different from the others but what makes this year different from the past is.. We, the youths, stepped up. actually, some of us were pushed. but wouldn't you believe it, that push makes us better than ever. those training are total non sense when not put into action.

So, what am I saying?!
One Sunday service, I found myself looking and observing around the place. Many things have changed, not for bad but for good. for God's greater glory. I looked at those friends that I have, they're using their talents and time and effort to give God the highest glory. To give Him the worship He deserved. A pure heart and soul that longs for His presence.

God is good. I know it even before, that these youths will be used by God. They will never be silent in their faith. they will step forward. fight the battle against the enemy and they will never back down.

So, do you want me to spill those people out?
Do you think it's a good idea?

here it goessss..

The Worship Singers. They have incredible singing voices. I believe that God is soo glad as  they sing songs of worship to Him. 'cause they not just singing, they worshiping God and they're using their God given talent as a declaration of their faith in Him 

The Worship Dancers. The one's who grooves like worms and gracefully moves like Michael Jackson. HAHA! They use their elegant movements to praise God out of their breaths. They may not have angelic voices to sing 

we may not have angelic voices to praise God or graceful movements to dance with God. but.. being called a child of God. that we have an opportunity to serve Him and know Him is a great honor.

to the KKBs and Friends. I'm not the one who encourage you or taught you every pattern or secrets about that ministry. I know nothing. but still.. as a friend. It's something to be proud of.


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