The duty

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I remember one time, a friend leaves me in exchange of having fun with other friends. Making things worst, we have a duty that time, the two of us. So it means, I'll work alone. since, we're on the same place, I can partly hear their laughs behind. I just pretend I'm busy. I envy them.

I'm mad but I didn't tell. All this emotion is inside me. well, not all but those negative emotions eats me up. and I tell you, It's not good for your health! My mind doubles up. Everything my friend does is not good in my own. I hated that friend of mine.

but you know what?
There's a change of view, those negative emotion became positive. The negative emotion that I told you? They eat up the same atoms inside me. the negatives and it leaves me purely positive. that friend that I hated? I'm not thankful to what that friend did.

you ask me why.
well, If he didn't choose our friends over me. I will never had a chance to appreciate what I'm doing. There's this part of me now that I don't want to let go of, because of that incident. I never ever forget that time. although it makes me sweaty and haggard. although the hassle came across my fingers. although I hated that job. 

It maybe a simple day in my perspective but nothing compares to that. I loved that job I used to hate. because of a one simple reason. I'm part of that glorious night.


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