Who's Running

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Who's running in the marathon?
Who's qualified in the race?
Who will join you?

I remember when I joined a run. It was tiring because I'm not an athlete. The main goal of the run is to run, but it doesn't really matter who gone first, second or third. Its about finishing the run. I call it a run because it's not a race. Its something more like a jog. thousand run the run, I don't know what placer am I, but I'm glad I finished it without breaking a bone. but some wants my leg broke!

but really.

Who's occupying the weigh of your emotion?
Who's running Inside your head?

I get so curious sometimes that I want to be inside that brain and search for reliable files about you. but the saddest truth is. I have no access inside. I have no pass. No ticket. No Admission. What can I do is to wait for you to reveal it. But does it matter when It's too late? Does it hurt me or make me feel like flying?


but seriously, who's running inside your head?
I wanna know. because you can ask me.
You have the pass. the ticket. the admission.
and you can sit back and watch everything you wanna know.


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