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Is it really repentance?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God is really full of grace. and good thing I'm not God. 'cause if I am. I would smash people with my bear hands when they sin.
Last Saturday. I have this great time talking with the youth in my church. It's the biggest attendee we had so far, and the most conversation we had.

we started with a prayer then worship.
I started the sharing with Matthew 6:33. I talked about how righteousness attract blessings. then it goes on. from the Lord to me to cathy to hazel to jeremiah, to karl to camille to hacinth to ate jaemi to jasmin. we shared about many things from righteousness, to revolution, to love to mercy to grace to trivia(s) to repentance

and we talked about how we can change our perspective. how can we really repent. we prayed that time. one by one. asking God for forgiveness. but is it really repentance? How can we tell that it is repentance already when we don't have a move yet?

repentance in turning our back on what we used to. and If we ask God for forgiveness. It is forgiveness. but not repentance. 'cause we don't have any evidence in hands that we've changed. that we've turned our back on it.
but still thank God for the realization we've experience and the one spirit that we had that time. there will be revolution here. it is starting to flame.

Jesus be our righteousness.
thank you for the forgiveness.


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What I Missed.

Monday, October 28, 2013

because of some aroused weird emotion of mine which I should overcome. I missed a lot.
because of my complicated pursuing senseless purpose. I dropped some happiness.

That's one of life's regret. we let our negative emotion run our day. and ruin it for good.
you missed the smile. people run away from you. you disregard those important people in your life.
and you see everything skeptically. 

I should see smiles.
I should hear jokes.
I should be talking and listening.
I should be having fun.
I should be mumbling enigma.

and pathetically..

I didn't. now. I'm grudging. 
It's regretful and annoying.

What I missed? A lot.


It's about Jesus!


Monday, October 28, 2013

This year's Anniversary is about Revolution of Righteousness.
I'm with the KKBs as usual. This year we joined the 2k KKB dancers.
it's an in credible moment. It's fun and we have this quality time. talking to each other and worshiping God together.
although we had disappointments and regrets. we still want to do one thing.
To Serve Him.

here's some of our pictures.

With my pals.

With angelica

with eszpren and joy 
Mimi, Karl, Jamaica

With Mimi. 


Here are some of the photos from JIL CAN

Sesa with Yeng

Sis. Dory Villanueva

Flashback songs

Sesa, Acel

Yey! 35th!


It's about Jesus!

What Is That To You?

Monday, October 28, 2013

"Haaaard kuyaaa!"

"magdadrive ako, baka may masagasaan ako"

I recently acquire some news about some people around. and it's quite disturbing. It's sad and we're still have lots of question about what happened. questions like why? how? when? what? It puzzle us. as I said in my previous blog. Instead of arguing. PRAY. There's a reason for everything. We may not know what it is yet but God can turn around things. all we have to do is to sit  back, pray and watch how the story will flow.

About this issues. and questions about them. God reminded me and led me in the last verses of the last chapter of the book of John 21

20 Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them. (This was the one who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper and had said, “Lord, who is going to betray you?”) 21 When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?
22 Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” 23 Because of this, the rumor spread among the believers that this disciple would not die. But Jesus did not say that he would not die; he only said, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you?”

want something haaaaard? 
I'll be driving! 

Peter asked Jesus about Judas. what's going to happened in him?
Jesus answering harshly. frankly. "what is that to you?"
for me? its like saying "Anung pakielam mo?" "Ano naman sa'yo?"


That's the word of Jesus.
how about them? to the ones who leave?
we have questions. then Jesus said. 
"kung anong nangyare sa kanila? Ano naman sa'yo?"

Jesus said that to peter for him to not lose his focus. His focus in on the betrayer. but His focus should be on the sheep vv. 15-17. and on following Him.

So instead of asking questions. (yes. we missed them so that. we should be praying for them) pray. pray for them. feed the sheep. Follow Him. 


It's about Jesus!

Practice for 35th JIL Anniversary

Monday, October 28, 2013

Last Sunday, we went to PUP Sta Mesa for the practice of the dancers of the upcoming anniversary of Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide. I'm with the KKBs slash YAM. HAHA! Yah know. I just wanted to make everything organized and labeled. From JIL Norfil to alabang. we're supposed to arrive earlier in alabang but due to some circumstances that I cannot explain. We didn't make it to the earlier train.

so we have to wait for 1 hour. we decided to go inside Starmall. we browse for shirts, shoes and pants and then to Philippine Christian Bookstore. we browse for books and read it and listen to the preaching. then I saw this book. I wanted to buy this one since last year but I ran out of copy when I supposed to buy one. it is called The Prayer of Jabez.

I don't want to but the book for me. Last year, it should be my gift to one of my best buddies.I told to this friend of mine that I wanted to give her a book. when she asked me what book it is. I always tell her its a secret but.. everytime she'll read it she'll be remembering me.

we were browsing around when I told grace to buy me a book. and unexpectedly. shockingly. eye-widenerly. She bought me the book. I can't explain my expression when she took the book and headed to the counter and then she gave it to me. Oh no. nakakahiyaaa. then she told me "regalo ko sa'yo yan, wala kase akong regalo sa'yo last year eh" and I was like.. Baby. baby. baby. ooohhh. Thanks for speaking my love language my friend. I'm so blessed and thankful to her. 

and then we went to PUP. we had so much fun while we were in the train. on PUP. we saw some friends, we say Hi to them. do the handshake and then we practice. it all go so well and tiring. we had fun. really. we also encounter some complication within registration and everything. but still we're glad.

before we went home. we ate at McDonald's. and then we finally went home. 

It's a long-tiring-blessed-funny day for us.
I just want to share this. ♥


It's about Jesus!

What happened?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Do you ever asked yourself about what just happened?
I mean, earthquake in Visayas, the pork barrel scam, Mindanao war. 
it's all over. What's happening?

As you see. No one really know what's happening. Christian claims judgement for the nation or the end is near. but I think, instead of fighting and arguing about what's happening. why don't we just pray and act. 

Oh! Look who's talking?! 

Honestly, I don't have a participation in those things. I admit and I say this sadly that I didn't even pray for it. I didn't pray for my country often.
but please don't put the blame on me. I didn't do anything, I didn't plant something underneath bohol that make the place shake or a conspirator of Napoles and I didn't even whisper anything to Nur Misuari.

maybe that's the reason. we didn't do anything. we're doing nothing. God didn't create us to just pop out of nowhere and be added to the population of the world.
It takes a nation to bless a nation. we have a participation.
so if you're asking me what happened?

we're mislead.
we're misfocused.
we lack in prayer.


All about her

I Invented A Game

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I invented a game. and I named it by my nickname that only few people knew about.
the game has its crazy idea and a weird concept.
it should be played by 2 persons. 2 close persons. 
its a battle against each other.
sword on one side and a crown on the other.

it's so crazy that I don't even understand. I said it's on going but it seems not. 
It's game over but many things were not explained and has no clear ending.
I don't even know how to explain it.

It started at September 1st and it should be end by the 20th or 21st or 22nd of the said month. and know what? I failed. but I tried adjusting things for the sake of mystery. maybe? the game has lots of surprises. It surprises me also. weird huh.

as I said. I failed at compressing it within 20 days. So it goes on. up to 24th of October. 20 days to 2 months?  It should be done by that day. 24th. but I sense the cancellation of the date, I'm thinking of rescheduling. and with some gloominess I finally end it. I don't see the sense of playing it up to the next month. I made everything complicated. HAHAHA!

I don't even know if the person that is involve is still interested. or maybe irritated.

The ending of the game is quite dramatic. You'll never know what's in it.
This just brings curiosity. I better end this.

Yey Them. :D


It's about Jesus!

Where the love lasts forever

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last sunday with the KKBs. We talked about favorite worship songs. They stated their favorite songs, they even sing it in front of us. Well, I can give you a long list of my favorite songs. but I'll give you one. just one.

Where the love lasts forever
this song speaks to me the loudest. it speaks about God's mercy that He capture us in our brokenness and unlikeliness. He even give us gift of life, which we don't deserve. Sometimes it's hard for me to grasp anything about grace. why me? why have mercy on me? a sinful and undeserving man living in the world. but that's the concept of grace. undeserved. unmerited. beyond of thoughts. and even beyond logic. Tell me what's amazing about grace?! It makes me cry. It makes me feel loved. It's crazy. wait no. it's craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzy. really. and I love how the chorus of the song ends. Something that I desire. That I loved to do. that when all else fades, my soul will dance with You, where the love lasts forever.



middle brainer

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is this considered as self-seeking? I take up personality test on the web and discover something from me, within me. you know. some stuffs. Here's what I got. :D

You are a middle brain dominant student!

You are open minded but not gullible about things or people. You may run into trouble making decisions sometimes, while your logical brain plays tug-of-war with your gut instinct. You enjoy the arts, but you could also do well in science and math. You appreciate the beauty of all things in life, and are well-rounded. Middle brain students would do well on The Apprentice, since they can have a strong mix of gut instinct and an appreciation for numbers. You would have a strong career in business, but you may not go that route; you may be more interested in studying the arts and sciences in college. You would be wise to read over the characteristics of left and right brain students and consider whether you fall into the traps of either type. For instance, extreme right brain dominant students can get too bogged down in thought, while extreme left brain students can be rigid in their views.


That Night

she left

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I never thought any of this will happen

but I'm so glad, I know its real
That I'm not dreaming or under illusion
My hands on her waist
Hers on my shoulder

Everything is in slow motion as I look into her eyes
My peripheral vision saw petals falling down behind her
and I hear the beat of the song we're dancing to
Now, everything is in fast forward

Swaying in the beat of music
I can feel the shaking of my knees
sweat of my foreheads are starting to bubble
and she's smiling at me

How can I take this moment of silence with her
Her eyes to my eyes
After hours and hours of stare-while-dancing game
I smiled. She won. My heart

There's something beyond her eyes
the passion, the seduction, the innocence
but i really didn't expect what happened next
the thing i thought forever
has its ending

the song changed
everything's back to normal
no slowmotion, no fast forward
in normal form

and then, something's pulling me away from her
I saw how joy turned into confusion in her eyes
I'm reaching her hand
I know I'm screaming in my head
it's starting to be blurry

I can't deny that this split seconds means a lot to me
the moment that our hands has set apart is heartbreaking for me
but I don't want any of this be the end
'cause I know, there is much more than this


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To my 40 year old friend

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey! Wazzup?! How is it going out there? are you having fun? are you on an adventure? are you out of town? or maybe out of the country? are you married? Do you have a child? are you working? Self-employed? a businessman? are you living your dream? a writer? a speaker? a leader? 

I have tons of questions for you, obviously. and obviously, you'll never answer that. 'cause I'm crazy. but can I share things with you? can I? well, today, October of 2013. I'm disappointed in some things but I see new things behind it all. maybe, God is behind it all. that He is in all of this. as I ponder this moment. All I have to do is to trust. Him. He gave me clues. I'm expecting for groovy things ahead. so i should really trust Him, 'cause if I trust myself. there's a huge chance of failure. 

the next thing I want to share is that life is not hard. It's easy as it is now. but I'm making everything complicated. It is I who make things worst. I don't even know what to do. or even where to go. but I hope you're on the right destination. to the right path. You see, God is doing great things everywhere. people received eye-sights, healing and restoration. I bet you already claim your own. and never forget His promises.

Always remember what are you made of. You are a warrior of God for He made you to be one. with a braveheart that had been enhanced, fortified and strengthened by God's Word. Adventures are inside your heart. Don't forget to take a walk in the wilderness with your passionate heart. face your problems with bravery. never run out of it. be the man.

Oh. You may be the King of your Queen now. but never forget that once in your life you were Prince and Princess; and perpetually, You are the one with the sword. Fight for her no matter what. Protect her with your all. Pursue her. Bring her with your adventures. Go against those who against her. Never hurt her. Make her feel special, always. Send her flowers and gifts. Understand her. Dance with her. Compliment her. Be faithful to her. Love her, passionately. 

I'm disappointed with me now, but I hope you can forgive your 20-year old friend. How old are you? 40? Gosh your old. you're like my dad. Really old but still good-looking. And I call that a comeback. I don't know what to say more. Did I say a lot? maybe I'll write you again some other time. I'm excited for you to read this. Arrg! Goodnight!

~ sebajisoka




Saturday, October 12, 2013

What do you know about forgiveness? Are you a great apologizer to someone. how often you say sorry and act like you really mean it? I'm reading this book by Gary Chapman, the author of 5 Love Language Series and Jennifer Thomas. It is called 5 Language of Apology. I haven't finished the book yet but I'm learning things. A lot of it. 

when sorry isn't enough, what else can you do?
some flowers, chocolates, repentance, doing something good? The book focuses on couples so, I can't apply many things in my situation but there's the idea. we are all sinful creatures, we're not perfect. so we needed to apologize. not for the sake of saying sorry or just to end the conversation but to admit that you are wrong. that we were. Its an acknowledgement of our imperfection. And there's this great feeling when you forgive and know that you are forgiven. I'll be posting another blog about this when I finished the book.

To all I've offended. Sorry! I'll make things up to you. I wanna make things right. 
Good day!


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