I Invented A Game

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I invented a game. and I named it by my nickname that only few people knew about.
the game has its crazy idea and a weird concept.
it should be played by 2 persons. 2 close persons. 
its a battle against each other.
sword on one side and a crown on the other.

it's so crazy that I don't even understand. I said it's on going but it seems not. 
It's game over but many things were not explained and has no clear ending.
I don't even know how to explain it.

It started at September 1st and it should be end by the 20th or 21st or 22nd of the said month. and know what? I failed. but I tried adjusting things for the sake of mystery. maybe? the game has lots of surprises. It surprises me also. weird huh.

as I said. I failed at compressing it within 20 days. So it goes on. up to 24th of October. 20 days to 2 months?  It should be done by that day. 24th. but I sense the cancellation of the date, I'm thinking of rescheduling. and with some gloominess I finally end it. I don't see the sense of playing it up to the next month. I made everything complicated. HAHAHA!

I don't even know if the person that is involve is still interested. or maybe irritated.

The ending of the game is quite dramatic. You'll never know what's in it.
This just brings curiosity. I better end this.

Yey Them. :D


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