Is it really repentance?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God is really full of grace. and good thing I'm not God. 'cause if I am. I would smash people with my bear hands when they sin.
Last Saturday. I have this great time talking with the youth in my church. It's the biggest attendee we had so far, and the most conversation we had.

we started with a prayer then worship.
I started the sharing with Matthew 6:33. I talked about how righteousness attract blessings. then it goes on. from the Lord to me to cathy to hazel to jeremiah, to karl to camille to hacinth to ate jaemi to jasmin. we shared about many things from righteousness, to revolution, to love to mercy to grace to trivia(s) to repentance

and we talked about how we can change our perspective. how can we really repent. we prayed that time. one by one. asking God for forgiveness. but is it really repentance? How can we tell that it is repentance already when we don't have a move yet?

repentance in turning our back on what we used to. and If we ask God for forgiveness. It is forgiveness. but not repentance. 'cause we don't have any evidence in hands that we've changed. that we've turned our back on it.
but still thank God for the realization we've experience and the one spirit that we had that time. there will be revolution here. it is starting to flame.

Jesus be our righteousness.
thank you for the forgiveness.


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