Practice for 35th JIL Anniversary

Monday, October 28, 2013

Last Sunday, we went to PUP Sta Mesa for the practice of the dancers of the upcoming anniversary of Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide. I'm with the KKBs slash YAM. HAHA! Yah know. I just wanted to make everything organized and labeled. From JIL Norfil to alabang. we're supposed to arrive earlier in alabang but due to some circumstances that I cannot explain. We didn't make it to the earlier train.

so we have to wait for 1 hour. we decided to go inside Starmall. we browse for shirts, shoes and pants and then to Philippine Christian Bookstore. we browse for books and read it and listen to the preaching. then I saw this book. I wanted to buy this one since last year but I ran out of copy when I supposed to buy one. it is called The Prayer of Jabez.

I don't want to but the book for me. Last year, it should be my gift to one of my best buddies.I told to this friend of mine that I wanted to give her a book. when she asked me what book it is. I always tell her its a secret but.. everytime she'll read it she'll be remembering me.

we were browsing around when I told grace to buy me a book. and unexpectedly. shockingly. eye-widenerly. She bought me the book. I can't explain my expression when she took the book and headed to the counter and then she gave it to me. Oh no. nakakahiyaaa. then she told me "regalo ko sa'yo yan, wala kase akong regalo sa'yo last year eh" and I was like.. Baby. baby. baby. ooohhh. Thanks for speaking my love language my friend. I'm so blessed and thankful to her. 

and then we went to PUP. we had so much fun while we were in the train. on PUP. we saw some friends, we say Hi to them. do the handshake and then we practice. it all go so well and tiring. we had fun. really. we also encounter some complication within registration and everything. but still we're glad.

before we went home. we ate at McDonald's. and then we finally went home. 

It's a long-tiring-blessed-funny day for us.
I just want to share this. ♥


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