To my 40 year old friend

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey! Wazzup?! How is it going out there? are you having fun? are you on an adventure? are you out of town? or maybe out of the country? are you married? Do you have a child? are you working? Self-employed? a businessman? are you living your dream? a writer? a speaker? a leader? 

I have tons of questions for you, obviously. and obviously, you'll never answer that. 'cause I'm crazy. but can I share things with you? can I? well, today, October of 2013. I'm disappointed in some things but I see new things behind it all. maybe, God is behind it all. that He is in all of this. as I ponder this moment. All I have to do is to trust. Him. He gave me clues. I'm expecting for groovy things ahead. so i should really trust Him, 'cause if I trust myself. there's a huge chance of failure. 

the next thing I want to share is that life is not hard. It's easy as it is now. but I'm making everything complicated. It is I who make things worst. I don't even know what to do. or even where to go. but I hope you're on the right destination. to the right path. You see, God is doing great things everywhere. people received eye-sights, healing and restoration. I bet you already claim your own. and never forget His promises.

Always remember what are you made of. You are a warrior of God for He made you to be one. with a braveheart that had been enhanced, fortified and strengthened by God's Word. Adventures are inside your heart. Don't forget to take a walk in the wilderness with your passionate heart. face your problems with bravery. never run out of it. be the man.

Oh. You may be the King of your Queen now. but never forget that once in your life you were Prince and Princess; and perpetually, You are the one with the sword. Fight for her no matter what. Protect her with your all. Pursue her. Bring her with your adventures. Go against those who against her. Never hurt her. Make her feel special, always. Send her flowers and gifts. Understand her. Dance with her. Compliment her. Be faithful to her. Love her, passionately. 

I'm disappointed with me now, but I hope you can forgive your 20-year old friend. How old are you? 40? Gosh your old. you're like my dad. Really old but still good-looking. And I call that a comeback. I don't know what to say more. Did I say a lot? maybe I'll write you again some other time. I'm excited for you to read this. Arrg! Goodnight!

~ sebajisoka


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