Where the love lasts forever

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last sunday with the KKBs. We talked about favorite worship songs. They stated their favorite songs, they even sing it in front of us. Well, I can give you a long list of my favorite songs. but I'll give you one. just one.

Where the love lasts forever
this song speaks to me the loudest. it speaks about God's mercy that He capture us in our brokenness and unlikeliness. He even give us gift of life, which we don't deserve. Sometimes it's hard for me to grasp anything about grace. why me? why have mercy on me? a sinful and undeserving man living in the world. but that's the concept of grace. undeserved. unmerited. beyond of thoughts. and even beyond logic. Tell me what's amazing about grace?! It makes me cry. It makes me feel loved. It's crazy. wait no. it's craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzy. really. and I love how the chorus of the song ends. Something that I desire. That I loved to do. that when all else fades, my soul will dance with You, where the love lasts forever.


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