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Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 27, 2013 - Sobrang namangha ako sa araw na 'to kaya kailangan kong ishare.

"Iinvite lang sana kita sa pre-birthday celebration mo! Hahaha! XD"
Text sa'kin nung kaibigan kong alien. Ininvite nya ko sa sariling kong birthday party. Pre-Birthday Celebration. O diba? Andame nyang alam. Well, Kaya ko nga 'to kaibigan eh. November 26 palang nung nagtext siya kaya pwede pa 'kong humindi. Pero ang plano ko talaga ay magcelebrate ng Pre-Birthday sa 28. Which is matutulog lang ako, Oo, the whole day. Since may dumating na invitation na hindi ko naman mahindian.

Change of plans.
Magkikita kame sa may shell sa may Ayala. Nakarating ako ng dun ng 'di ko sinasabe sa kanya, iniisip ko kase kung saan sya manggagaling. tapos tineks ko na sya nung mahimasmasan na 'ko. Habang hinihintay ko s'ya, tinititigan ko naman ang sarili ko sa salamin. 

"Ang gwapo ko, syete. Nababakla na 'ko sa sarili ko. My goshh!"

Sabe nung lalake dun sa CR. Baliw ata. Nung nakita ko siyang tumatawid na sa kabilang kalsada. 'di ko na maitago 'yung ngiti ko. OMG! She's here. What to do?! What to do? tapos nakita ko 'yung panyo ko. sinubukang itakip sa mukha ko para di nya ko makita. pero too late na. Nakatawa na siya sa'kin.

Mukha lang talaga akong shongek nun. Gusto ko na naman itago 'yung sarili ko sa ilalim ng lupa. 
Naglakad kame papuntang sakayan pa-SM Aura. Tahimik lang kame. Ewan ko ba. Nagrereserve lang siguro kame ng boses namin kase magtutuos kame mamaya, paubusan ng kwento 'yun. It's been a while since the last time we have this kind of conversation.

Testing the waters moment in the bus on the way to SM Aura. 
Tease here and there. Laughs over our voices and smiles on our lips.We loved to do this. Really. And I'm so grateful for this moment. It's funny when we recall the first time we're in this place. I took my journal to see the date for myself and she took her phone to check on her notes. We argue about it and then think about what happened that day. We're crazee.

SM Aura Premiere
The next thing I know is we're walking inside the mall. Exchanging thoughts and stuffs on our heads. We first search for this dome called Samsung Hall. Yeng Constantino will have a concert there. I just want to check it out. and then we explore around. look for new stuffs and new things we can talk about. It's a long walkathon with this friend of mine.

When we came up in our senses. We finally sat comfortably in this pink and purple themed tea shop. a place, perfect for the two of us. As usual, we had a long time of conversation from topics ranging but are not limited to: School, Life and Chicken.

but when we're reminded of the main purpose of this weird-two-pair-gathering we started to express contemptuous laughter and massive irritation (on my part) towards what's happening. why? because it's..


The grand-tell-day is the day where we tell every thing, from the day her curiosity has been filled up and my cliffhanging needs to be continued. Questions had been raised and answers had been given. This day confronts a particular event: The Game, the Awesome game of mine. It is full of mystery and weirdness. and It really took my breath away from question number 1 to the sweet revelations afterwards. I feel humiliated as I answer those questions. I also find raging anger in her eyes, so I have no choice but to obey. I've never seen her like this before, and honestly, I want to punch her in the face then run for my life and hide with her in the remaining years of my existence.

But of course I didn't do that and I don't want to. See how the word 'Honestly' used? Anyone can use it without accessing it's meaning. but anyway. for about 4 hours, I think, we've been arguing happily and joyfully, in our seat. We also do some weird acts of weirdness in our speeches. aaand yes. we have an awesome question and answer portion with the participation of pen and paper. That's how unearthly we are somehow? And time runs faster that time.

Before leaving the teashop, she handed me something, a white-colored-box. Don't know what's inside but she said, I can only open it on my birthday. Soo much agony for the moment. We should end at Ayala Triangle, but we end up discovering some cool places in the mall. Such as the Samsung Hall on rooftop and its surroundings. Too bad it's raining but we appreciate the view from the top. It's amazing.

We continue our talks in the bus on our way home. It's a great day for my Pre-Birthday Celebration. Too good for me. So thankful. :)


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