A lonely stargaze

Monday, November 18, 2013

after of almost-half-a-month of raining every evening, I finally received my simple prayer for this month: cold and starry nights. but I have this problem. A one huge problem. I can't watch the night sky in our home. There are hindrances and I can't just look up all night, my neck might collapse.

I saw the beauty of the moon last Friday and It's so wonderful. I can't stop looking at it. It's so bright and it makes me wanna dance. and that split seconds of glance makes me decide that Saturday, I'll satisfy my desire. I went to baywalk right after the church practice. I want to talk to someone and spend the night under this huge sky.

But, I'm here. Alone. Watching the sky. those tiny white dots in the midst of darkness.
I tried talking to myself but I'm lost for words.
My hands under my head, I lie in the grass. I don't care if I'm alone. 'cause I'm not.
I want to spend this quiet evening with the Creator.

The extensive beauty in front of me symbolize the power and wonders of my God.
I know, He's here in the place where I'm lying in.
I'm know He's beside me. waiting for my talk.
this night makes me realize that everything else in this world is really senseless if not done for Him.

After drowning myself by the beauty of His creation. I know that there are lots of things I should be thankful for.
There are simple things around us that we take for granted. It's sad that we don't acknowledge such things.
maybe they're right, Its easy to see negative things than positive one.
For many of us were trained to focus on negative things and bad news.

If all things work together for good. maybe it is safe to say that bad things doesn't really exist.
maybe with some exception done by the evil ones.

This is a wonderful day.
The highlight?
The moon. The stars. The sky.
He keeps everything in tact for His glory. (sorry, I really have lots in my mind)
what a wonderful God.


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