An Imaginary Placard

Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Thank you sa pagiging patient mo and for being a good listener kahit nonsense yung words ko." my friend told me the other day. and honestly, I'm touched. I can't explain the feeling but it makes me doubt. I was thinking of the meaning of a 'good listener'. "Am I qualified in the description?'' probably not, but this friend believed in and see it and feel it. Should I believe?

after split seconds of my minds argument about oneself, I recognized that I should leave it that way. Unanswered. why? I always want to listen to people rather than doing all the talking, I'd rather be quiet and be still while others are raging and telling their stories. I love stories. I love hearing those people share about their lives and eventually learn from them and from those stories.

and I realized that being labeled as a 'good listener' doesn't make me a good listener. being a good listener labeled me as one. (Hi complexity in explanation.) and I'm telling you this not to write an imaginary placard on your eyesight that whenever you see me there's something in me that says "talk to me, I'm a good listener". You see. I just love hearing stories. So I keep on asking. although sometimes I'm not interested due to some circumstances but whenever you give me an excitement. You should arrange your story and give me the plot.

Maybe I'm a good listener.
Maybe I'm not.
Maybe I'm just a listener.
Maybe just for some people.

but here's a truth. We need someone whom we can share our fairy-tale-type of stories and/or even the most senseless one.
or someone who will scream with you in your horror stories.
and someone who will always be there beside you writing those stories with you.


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