Birthday masterplan

Thursday, November 28, 2013

That moment when all the plans for the weekend have been cancelled.
Should I be sad or what? This weekend, I should be in 1 of the following places:

Star City

Enchanted Kingdom
SM Aura (Yeng's Concert)

It's a great day to spend my birthday tho, but I think I'll stick to the 1st plan that popped into my head months ago. Lemme share it to you.

On 28th, I'll be sleeping all day long.

On 29th, 

  • I'll woke up at 5am to jog at baywalk, bayanan and leave a note to my family
  • Explore the Sunken Garden and be amazed in God's wonderful creations
  • Festival Mall for my Birthday article
  • And I'll end in Madrigal Business Park
Loner type celebrant. Well?! Who cares?
I'm already blessed. Alone with God. Yipee. :)

but I don't think it will happened. You see, there are things due for tomorrow. 
still blessed by activities.

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