Tuesday, November 05, 2013

"'yung moment na tumingala ka para tingnan yung stars tapos napayuko ka nalang kase maulap?"

we faced different disappointments in our lives. heartbreaking, marked with anguish and distress. some are funny, some are annoyingly surprising. but why do we get disappointed?  Let me tell you a story.

last month, I have many scheduled dates. and guess what? many of those 'dates' didn't come to pass. due to some circumstances which I can't identify. a movie night, stayover night and some other dates. the greatest question here is why do I get disappointed? 

is it because they cancelled it
or do they forget it

or they don't want it anymore?

when someone told you about something that excites you and give you hopes. those words turns out to be your expectation. and where do expectation came from?

from the people who made a promise?

expectation is a feeling. same as disappointments. and it came from within. inside you. and it is your response when they give you something to be excited about. sometimes, it excites you to the highest point of your eagerness towards what will happen. 

I personally want to avoid that. it's hard for me to handle disappointments. maybe that's the reason why I'm trying my best towards the promises I've made to people.

This month, I'm on a passive expectation. (I don't know what it means tho)

but If you want to make your expectation high without the thought of being disappointed, hold on to Someone who makes His promise come true.
All of your promises won't let go of me.


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