God's Not Dead

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"To say there is no evidence for this creator is like saying thousand of paintings in an art museum couldn't have been painted because there are no artist visible in the gallery." - Rice Broocks

I just finished the book God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an age of uncertainty by Rice Broocks. He is an author, apologetic and the co-founder of Every Nation family of Churches (in the Philippines, they are called Victory Christian Fellowship). As I read this book, it makes me say Oo nga no? and agree with the skeptics regarding the existence of God, but Broocks gracefully gave an explanation to every question and arguments from the skeptics. I bet that they have no comebacks for that. Broocks explains the existence of God not only based on the bible but on evidence. He even use the language of the atheist regarding in science and philosophy. I admire Rice Broocks' research in this matter. He quoted tons of known people in Christianity and skepticism. and He really knows where to stand.

In the end of the book are sets of testimony that proves the existence of a Creator. One of my favorite chapter is called The Grace Effect. It magnifies how God's grace affect the world today. The Christians and Non-Christians alike for He let the sun goes of for the good and bad. It's a must read book for doubtful and even for Christians who needed further explanation about His existence, I tell you, you will never have a choice but to believe in Him.

"Once the truth is firmly grasped, it becomes a logical necessity to seek out the nature and character of this Creator"

Rice Broocks


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