Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm on an overhaul. yes. I'm trying to fix some things in my life.
Eliminating things that are not for me.
Taking things that are meant for me.
it may sound selfish but, let me be selfish for a while, besides it is in your mind only. I'm being selfish to be selfless. complex. right.

I'm re-creating. rebuilding. re-flaming my dreams. I lost it years ago. and I want it back. I want my life back. A life of dreams and wonders. I want m
y old point of view about life and what's ahead. and of course, with the help of God.

Pathetically speaking, in these past few years I've been shooting aimlessly. 

Now, I'll make sure it's bulls eye. I believe, I'm already equipped and I keep equipping myself with wisdom and knowledge.
It's time to put things into practice. and I already working on my Master Plan that I keep on rediscovering and re-overhaul-ing, depending on what God has planned. As I prayed before..

If Your plan is to make me realize the importance of planning, and making me plan for myself and later ruin it. I would be glad. It emphasized that You have better plans than I have. that I should stick to Your plan. And this time, I trust You.

So, I'm on an overhaul. As the dictionary said:

Over - Extending directly upward from
Haul - Pull or drag with effort or force

Pulling my life upside to its end and re-create dreams that God above planted in my heart.
And in association with this 'recreation' here's my new anthem. :))



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