"Parang bestfriend na din kita eh."

Monday, November 25, 2013

"Parang bestfriend na din kita eh."

She told me during her birthday few months ago. and hearing words like that make my heart roar like a lion on the wild. I always think of 'bestfriend' and 'Jabes' are antonyms. I mean, it contradict everything. so for me, It's(best friend) a word type of present wrapped with love. ayi. much.

So anyway, I'm not gonna talk about it now. I'm going to share about what happened. After doing my "takas" to the elders. I went straight  right to Festival Mall. I met my friend outside the mall, where she told me so. We should go somewhere where we should be doing something important. but we end up talking over the stairs.

We talked about many things in life and I love the way how she viewed it. She relates movies and everything in life and God's participation in our journey in it.   She shares about many things at first and later I do almost all the talking. And I discover new thing about me. I love sharing and telling stories.

we also talked about our interrupted conversation few weeks ago. I really feel glad to have friends like her. Yey! I'm surrounded by awesome people. and I'm learning from them. really. Because if not. I'll never gonna blog about this. what will be the point right?

We stayed for about 2 hours just talking. and learning from each other (Okay. Let's just assume that she learned something from me) I really enjoy the 2 hours we had. but I feel guilty about someone. I assumed that she's busy. and there you gooo. She's not after all. too bad.

I really enjoy this day. So blessed and so equipped.


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