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Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Tawa ng tawa sila sa inyo." - MamaDear, talking about the reaction of the individuals about my new sideline.

and no. no. no. I'm not a clown. I don't even look like one, but just like clowns, my new sideline involves a birthday party. :)

Today, I woke up with my un-snoozeable and living alarm clock, also known as my mom. She woke me up for 1 great reason: I have to. 
No, really, after my mom's raging shouts, I woke up. why she woke me up?
well, I have a meeting. A meeting with my childhood playmate and her cousin. we will be hosting a debut. a debut of their another cousin and my friend, also.


I'm quite confident about this 'cause I already host a debut earlier this year, and I did it alone and it has no program and it's on the spot. And if you ask me how was it. It was EPIC. Sooo Epic that it fails. but someone contradicts "It's not epic fail.. Galing mu nga eh. Impromptu. Haha. Nakss. Btw, that's a compliment" a close friend told me. To be honest, I want to host but I don't see any skills in hosting with me. So I set it aside.

and now. here I am talking to my new found friends about our plan, the program and some scripts. our brains mushed-up altogether for a purpose, to celebrate Patty's 18th with comedy and fun. And then we ate our breakfast at 11am, by the way we started the meeting around 9am.

We don't really have a script but we have assignments. we paste twists on the program and the common 18s. Here's what we come up with:

18 Gifts with Trivia Questions

18 Candles, Messages about good health and about study are strictly prohibited, anyone who will be found guilty must pay us hundreds.
18 Chocolates, We prepared crazy and obvious questions for the kids
18 Roses, every guy must have a pick up line before dancing with the debutante.

It was fun, although some of our jokes gone by wind, we still have faithful fans who stayed with us (thanks to my mom and my brother and our families). I'm so thankful with them. I'll never give you in detailed stuffs. Pictures were not yet uploaded. :(

In the end. still, I don't consider myself good in this field but I'm humbled by their response. I see that they've enjoyed the party and laugh about our lame jokes. I hope for more parties! :D

It happened last November 9.



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