Service, Training, Practice and Anniversary

Friday, November 08, 2013

A pretty long Sunday.

I just want to blog this. to fill my hunger. 
Last Sunday was a long Sunday. Well, many of my Sundays this year are long Sunday but let me tell you what happened. November 3, 2013.Of course, Sunday Service with my family and my beloved friends.We learned about soul winning and the need for it. and we attend our life groups. Fun and excitement within our groups.

then, we attend the training. the topic was "The Lordship Of Jesus Christ"
questions raised up, answers giving in. it was fun, indeed. we participate and learn together. and after few hours of arguments and fun. the KKB Band will have a practice.

My Tribute Medley by Israel Houghton, I have a great friends of singers and musician. they're great! awesome. who told you that we can make something today. They're just plainly awesome and gifted with much talent. but above all, we're under God's grace. we can't boast on anything. I played the Bass Guitar, Jasmin on Guitar also Jeremiah. Aries on Drums. Our singers are the worship leaders: Hacinth, Hazel, Joy and Charlie.

after the practice. we have to go somewhere. Cathy invited us to attend the 15 Anniversary of Victory Alabang. Aaaand we do so. but we bond 1st while waiting for the last session. we ate at KFC. thanks for the treat friends. (This is where I broke my no-softdrink record for months, grace please! XD) it was fun, hiding some funny and serious stories. 

before 7pm passed we went up to the 4th floor and see tons of people. then we saw books, so we stopped by there and after minutes. we went inside, the service starts with a blast. singing old songs. they told us that those are the songs they sing 15 years ago. I'm blessed to what I see and feel. God has always been faithful to churches like this. and then we listened to a Chinese Pastor. An anointed pastor. He's funny and speak right from the Word. You should hear the podcast on their website  Pastor's name: Jackie Su. we also have a bonding with Lovelea, who was part of the intermission number during the offering.and also the discount card for around 20 stores in Festival Mall and even around the nation. Cool!


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