The other side

Friday, November 01, 2013

"Ang dramaaaaa"

sabe ng kaibigan ko habang binabasa nya 'yung isang article sa blog na 'to. May tinatanong kase siya sa'kin kaso di ko masagot ng harapan. ang sabe ko nalang, abangan nya sa blog ko ang gusto nyang malaman. Natatawa lang ako. kase alam mo yun. yung ano. hmm o di ba hindi? 

The other side 

We all have sides. left side, right side, sideline, side kick, side burns, other sides. 
maybe she's surprised when she read my story, my drama. the sebajisoka's drama. She read the poem-type-of-story, it has dramatic play so no wonder. why she act like that.

then i thought. who else knows my drama?
who else knows my weirdness?
who else knows my other sides.

people around us only encounter few sides of us, I'm not talking about multiple personalities of a person but characteristics. You know what I mean right? agree with me please. please? >.< 
Am I making a point here? I hope I don't have. HAHA!

and then as she read my other posts, I hear an excessive-mad-eyepoping-jawdropping laugh. Oh. she laughs at my lameness. good to know. who told you my life is a a set of drama? I can bet that my life is a comedy. a lame-corny-type of comedy but just like other comedy piece and entertainment, it has a lesson. lesson that is easy to know but hard to learn. I must learn this.

Oh! Sooo much for straining and pushing.
I better end this. my thoughts are becoming confusing by the moment. Aaand I have things to do pa. :)

I will end in this, i saw it somewhere the internet.


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