With Hearts As One

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I went to Philippine Red Cross in Muntinlupa yesterday to volunteer. I really wanted to help. Coincidentally, ate kat invited us in a volunteer work. I also contact the KKBs to join us, if they're available. They respond to the call but they have responsibilities, can't make it. Kuya Joas and I went directly to PRC-Muntinlupa.

We're both excited volunteering. And we talked about the typhoon and the affected areas. We talked to the person in charge and she said that there are no work to do for the relief, they're still waiting for some donations but she gave us forms. we're assigned in the relief area. I thought we will tearfully go home but no. after awhile, donations came rushing inside. at first we were sorting goods such as sardines, sardines in pack, canned dishes and meet loafs and tunas and everything, then the next thing I know is the volunteers were playing catch. throwing and catching mineral waters, sacks of rice on repeat. 

muscles pushed into the limits. body pain today. 
In the middle of the work. My mind is working for some article already. 

As I pass the waters box after box, I'm amazed. why?
'cause I don't know who this person beside me who keeps on giving me weights and it seems endless.and on the other side, another person keep asking me for weights, what's with this people?! I don't know anyone of them, well except for kuya joas and the girl who's pouring out rice in the relief bags. Aside from them. I don't know the rest, approximately there's about 50 people with me.

but you know what?
we don't know each other's name or where we came from or what our life situation we're having in that moment of our lives. we may have difficult personal problems and heartaches. 

but you know why?
as we pass the heavily waters and tons of rice, as we packed those goods and arranged everything to be in order. you'll see that we all have one purpose. one heart. the main reason why we're here.

they choose to set aside those personal life situation and volunteer for the affected communities in Visayas. all we want is to help, to extend our hands to those in need and to give a hug to those in grieve. That in simple ways. in simple terms. we're blessing them. it may not be huge compare to other people but this isn't solely about them, it is also fulfilling the desires of our hearts. to pour some aid and assistance.

and another thing, it will never be in vain.

this is our calling, our calling is to serve.
when Jesus was with the disciple as they argue about who's the greatest in God's kingdom.

“If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all."

“Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but Him who sent Me.”
Matthew 9:33-37

After the volunteer work. we ate like a child in the mall. 

and have some muscle relaxation. where?
Extreme Coaster and Shooting in arcade.

Thanks to kuya Joas
Thanks to Jasmin
Thanks to ate Kat.

Thank God for the strength. I didn't know I have it.


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