Monday, November 11, 2013

I've been thinking all day on what topic to share for today. Sadly, I can't think of any. The end.Neeh. I'm trying to be serious here, so help me. hmm yeah.

I'm reading God's Word earlier today when I read about Matthew 8:23-27. It's about Jesus calm the storm. Its amazing that even though I read this couple of times before, God gives me new revelations. And I'll share this tomorrow on prayer meeting. but what I'm going to talk about today is.. Storm.


Last Sunday, I don't know where to go. I don't usually went home early in Sundays and I don't want to go home early that Sunday. and I have no friends with me 'cause they have their own appointments. I also try approaching someone but sadly, situation doesn't allow us. But I already decided to go somewhere. 

Going home, I passed through our house directly to Festival Mall. I don't know exactly what to do that time. I went up to Powerbooks to start my afternoon. I read a book. I'm already on page 55. I'm planning to finish it in that store. (mean me.) and after the few chapters I explore the mall, looking at the people around and I decided to attend another service, Victory Christian Fellowship.

I heard awesome rendition in the worship. and in the news section of the service, before the preaching starts, the pastor talks about Yolanda, my heart suddenly feel the compassion. my eyes woke up for what I heard. Its really dreadful. The call for me is to help, in any means. The church seek for help, they accept donations and they are organizing a team to send those goods in tacloban. And I wanted to help. I don't know how. I went home asking myself what to do.

Today, I finally watch the news for myself and see what destruction yolanda gave us. Seeing those people and hearing their call for help, breaks my heart. I want to cry with them. As I watch series of tears I whisper prayers for them.

I don't usually post something like this in my blog. 'cause this is my blog and all I think about is myself. maybe this is the time for me to stand up and grow up. People need help. Let's send them hope! I recently receive a message regarding Yolanda, she seeks for someone who will help. I'll go. I'm willing. In simple terms, I pray that I may contribute something.

Lord, help them.


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