Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I woke up at 6am through the shouts and noise of my little brothers while they are preparing for school. I'm just lying in my bed helpless as they throw anything in my face, punch every single muscle in me and nag about my age. they're so lovely.

Like I what I do in the past. I ignore those greetings first.
It's a great day. why? For this is the day that the Lord has made.
I realized that this is not about me. It's about Him. His goodness.

What happened next is my mom's act of invitation for my handa, and like what I always say: bahala po kayo. But all I want is spaghetti. Forevur love. And Chocolates and Cupcakes and Cheese. Forevur loves.

Then, she cooked me pancit, which I appreciate. then some give us soda and then later a cake. Yih! I received lots of greetings from our neighborhood. I also saw the usual One Day Fame from Facebook. Thanks to Facebook, many will remember your day. And bless you also.

My day went by, I slept on my bed and later exchanging tweets and SMS with my awesome pals. And then I prepared for going to church. I'm waiting for an empty jeepney to stop in front of me but I realized It's Friday and It's rush hour.

So it means. I have to take this moment to talk to myself and to the Lord. I started to walk. From bayanan to putatan. All I do is to sing while I step slowly along the road of the unknown. Its a great moment to unwind, seeing those people pass me by, then I thought, What do they know? Is there anyone in them know that it is my birthday? or Is there anyone out there walking like what I do in the midst of this people celebrating their birthday like me?

In a parallel universe maybe.

I arrived the church. I'm late and sweaty. I change clothes in comfort room and started to be amazed with this wonderful day. I don't know but I'm actively listening. HAHA! Totally not me. I really feel God's closeness. There's no chill or goosebumps but I experience unspeakable and unexplainable joy.

I appreciate their prayers over me. So blessed. And to end the gathering. I talked to my beloved KKBs for few minutes and mingle with them. It's a lovely day!

My day ends by reading birthday letters and staring at the gifts I have received. and of course the blowing of the cake through my nose. XD

It's so sweet I wanna jump and shout and dance and spin and do it all over again and again.

Thank you po! *o*


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