A Knight Wanna Be

Monday, December 30, 2013

A palace, shinning in winder, spreading out colors of majesty.
Winds are cold, feeling so sweet
I'm stuck in this point of view
I saw hues and waves of beauty

A princess, under the shadow of the king
Protected, guarded and secured
beauty is all over her
Her voice so soft
Hair so good
Dress so glamarous

And there's this man
A knight wanna be
Faceless, unidentified
Not used into swords and armors

Doesn't even fight in wars
Desperate, longing and in love
Willing to do everything for her
He's hiding, can't boast on anything

In this world where fairy tales doesn't exist
How can be a man, a knight wanna be would won the princess
It takes time and effort
More than imagination
Pain and suffering
More than delusion
Heartbreaks and headaches
More than you could ever think of

How long will he survive
Does the happy ending belongs to him and her
What will happen by that

Surely, I don't know.
But I konw someone who writes stories and make it happen.


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