JIL Norfil 23rd: Arise and Go Forth

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Jesus Is Lord Church Norfil celebrated their glorious 23rd Anniversary at Norfil Bldg. Muntinlupa City, with their theme "Arise and Go Forth" which encourage the church to evangelize. For It is the greatest responsibility of the church.

"You are my witnesses" is battle cry, based on the theme verse, which can be found in Isaiah 43:10.

Everyone's preparing on the morning watch. The worship leaders, the instrumentalists, the dancers, the usherettes and all the workers. They're earnestly seeking God for the favor and the victorious celebration of His faithfulness to this church.

Hacinth, together with music ministry lead the worship that morning. while Sis. Molly and Sis. Elvie host the event as they introduce the speakers, Ptr. Edna Asunssion of JIL CAA for 1st service and Ptr. Jeric Magallanes of JIL Pamplona for 2nd service.

The church had anointed speakers. They speak boldly as they encourage everyone to speak out and live out the Word of God. to be witnesses to nations. They speak words of prayers after the sermon and we had our celebration party.

sets of special numbers had been performed. From the Children to women and couple of numbers from the youth. God's presence have been felt in the place. The joy in our hearts as they conclude everything with a prayer.

To God be the Glory


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