My World. My Home. My Story.

Monday, December 30, 2013

My story wasn't interesting enough
Well, I tried so hard to make milestones and changes in this world
But sometimes the world looks big that my motivation shinks down
I lose inspiration, I lose motivation, I lose strength

Along the way many will Inspire us and motivate us
They boost our excitement and make us realize
That the world was not actually this planet
That the world isn't this planet earth
The world is actually where we lived in

We call this.. Home

We have homes
To know where your home is
Is to know where your world is
Fighting for our 'home' is worth dying for.

Making changes in this planet seems impossible
A coin in a bucket
But we can start in our home
In our known world
And maybe one day, just maybe..
Your story will be spread throughout the earth

My story wasn't interesting enough
Then she came
In my heart
In my life
In my world

We're not happy at all times
We fight
We argue
But all of the sudden I realized
That this connection is worth dying for..
'Cause she became my home
'Cause she became my world


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