Friday, December 06, 2013

They are the ones we loved seeing in the sky.
The rainbow after the rain

I remember granny, a faithful church worker.
One time, I met her in our church's entrance staring at the rainbow in the ground.
As a student I know that It is formed through a process of bending light, refraction. Different colors bend in various angles.
When light from the sun enters a droplet of rain, it refracts a tiny bit causing the colors of light to spread apart, the light then bounces, or reflects, off of the back of the droppled and refracts once again as it leave the dropplet on the same side it entered.

Neh! I just search this by now. All I know when I was a student, rainbows are formed because of rain and sunlight and reflection. Yeah. Rainbow is science. blah blah.

but granny, do something weird. something kids loved to do. Catch the rainbow. She went on the ground and allow the rainbow to reflect on her skin. Well, I don't want to ask her what's she's doing because I will be disrespectful.

But know what? she tell me something important.
Something that blows me away. She said that..

It is a symbol of God's covenant to Noah.
Rainbow means no more Sinked-Earth.

Science thought me that rainbow is 'cause by the sun. rain. reflection.
But God holds everything together. He can remove reflection on earth. even the sun nor the rain. And can still create a rainbow.

Rainbow is a symbol of God's promise. More than science can explain.
maybe that's a reason why they're wonderful.


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