The Christmas Time Travel

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I want to time travel. I mean. Right now. I want to go back in time, not to change the wrong things I've done, not to tweak some stuffs. but to witness the actual birth that changed the world forever. the birth of the Messiah. The birth of Jesus.

What will be my reaction seeing the most famous Man in history, the inspiration of Christmas songs, the star of the 66 books of the bible, the most controversial person in the world. I'll be in awe. that's for sure. 

Seeing the greatest gift of all.
The boy that change how the world works
The law and the prophets testify of this Star
The most anticipated Hero in the old testament
The One that makes the broken marriages whole
The One who sets the captives free
The Father to the fatherless
The Hope to the hopeless
The One who changes lives
He who brought life to the dead
The greatest sacrifice for humanity

My Bestfriend.
My Savior.
My God.
My Jesus.

Well. Time travel seems impossible by now. Maybe I'll just wait for my entrance to heaven.
I guess, It's the same awe that anyone will feel when they stepped into eternity.


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