What Christmas is about?!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

After years of celebrating Christmas, I finally asked this question, in a what I consider a deeper way. What Christmas is about?!

Some says its
A season of rejoicing.
A season of giving.
A season of rejoicing.
A season of love.
A season of joy.
A season where you look over at those bad things that happened in your life because you know life is good.
A season of reunion.
A season of eating.
A season of reminiscing.
A season of gift receiving.
A season of hiding from godchildren.

Partly true. I believe that its only a result of the true meaning of Christmas. Because the fact remains.. That Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus' birthday. Although we don't have any official record in the bible or history of His birth, but some influential people agreed about setting His day on the 25th of December.

What does Christmas literally means?!
Let me define it to you by breaking it into two, literally.

Christ = Messiah, It's a title. In case you didn't know. Just like PhD, Egr. Dr. Ptr. Its a title used for Jesus. So whenever you say Jesus Christ, you're declaring that Jesus is the Savior. 

Mas = Is a slang for mass.

Christ + mas = Christmas.
(Like duh?! Simple math equation. XD)

Christmas literally means Christ's mass.
And soooo, Whenever there's church service where Christ is talked about, It's Christmas. Whenever there's a gathering where Christ is talked about.. It's Christmas.

It also means Christian's mass.
Hmm. We're getting specific here huh?!

In greek, X represent Christ.
So, is it okay to use Xmas portraiting Christmas?!

Probably not.
Some people argue about this. They say its like replacing Christ in Christmas. But nom they're not. Many of us simply don't acknowledge Christ in Christmas. Jesus Himself told us in Luke 9:58

"Foxes have holes and the birds if the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head."

A sad truth.

But for me, Christmas is the celebration of God-stepping-to earth-as-flesh to live with us, to make a way for us, to die for us even if there's no chance of many of us to turn to Him and to show His obsessement towards humanity, whenever It's Christ's mass or Christians' mass.


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