Worship Explosion

Monday, December 30, 2013

Today's Breaking News

  • Green tea kitkat, "J" Keychain, baller..
  • On 2014, Grace will be the one handling the Multimedia, Pastora said. It's her launching pad and I'm excited for her. I'll be just backing her up if there's any problem.
  • On the 1st day of January, Me and my brother and some of my friends will be having a house-to-house tour. Langgam, San Pedro, Pacita, Muntinlupa.


What really happened today is simply different?!
This is the first time, we will be a part of Worship Explosion. It's the annual gathering of Christian Churches in Muntinlupa. Although our goal is to play as a band. God sets everything under His time. Dancing is our respond, 2 different special number.

We practiced dance steps since yesterday for this.

And as always, laughter didn't leave us hanging around. There will be something funny, every single time.

After the practice, we fixed ourselves, we prayed as a team for the number. I felt the hassles. I feel sorry for those people I interrupted. Then, It's worship explosion! 2nd and 4th on the program. All the participants prayed together in a room. So blessed with Pastor Neil.

Me and Karl ate 'that burger'.
Later, we sit around and take pictures around. This is funny. We just pose for a shot and people starts taking pictures of us. Including those we do not know.

Cheer up for them! Whooo! 
As I watch from a distant. I was stunned?! Yeah. Something hit me. Right in the head.
and. yeah. neh. I watched them seeing some faults and blames. JK! 

I'm amazed. Honestly! I wanted to cry! I feel proud!
every time I hear shouts and claps from the crowd. I want to shout: KKB yan. Mga friends ko yaaaan.

I don't know why I felt that.
Maybe they're just good. You know what I mean by this.  :D
As I stand amazed. I suddenly forgot about our dance number.
I'm not worried or in nerve. I just want to enjoy the upcoming moments.

We went to the CR to practice some more and pray together again.
and here we go again. Our turn. We didn't dance perfectly but we're joyful. That's all we need. Because even If it's not perfect, God is pleased with us as we do it for Him.

We invade the front stage. with KKB Southville. we had fun. lots of it.
A great worship event in ending the year! :D


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