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It's Funny

Thursday, January 23, 2014

One of the funny moments that happened in me here in my workplace is, I just find it funny, the couple matching thing by some of my gay mates.

You see, when I was hired, I don't have any buddy, just acquaintances. And during the first day of training. I met again one of my acquaintance. Tiffany, I really like her name, it reminds me of The Skit Guys Video. Anyway, we've been friends since that day, we're seatmates and we do things together. I mean, during breaks, dis├žussing some stuffs, specially when one of us is asked by our trainer. My mate Zam even asked me if we're siblings 'cause we're always together

And just this week, our trainer rearrange our seats according to our groups. So we parted ways. But still during breaks we're buds. We can actually vanished from one place when you don't pay attention in our actions.

As times goes by, her friends grew rapidly. I didn't even know her friends. She's a friendly type of person, while me, a quiet type, testing the waters first and a one on one talkative me. And yesterday during the break, she told me that she's being linked to guys. Well, I already who the guys were 'cause they're shouting it out in the class and Zam also told me that she like my 'sister'.

And she told me that I'm included in the list
Woah. Hahaha! What can I do?! She's in demand for the guys and we're like the alwaystogetherfriendshipness.

When she said that.. No awkward awkward moment. No silence, for me it indicates that there's no malisya. We just laugh it off. But I want to know who are those people who linked us together. I know they're just having a good time teasing but just to feed my curiosity. I wanted to know.

And, my heart is disabled, I'm not into this things. Emjustsayin' XD


Work? Work!

Some thoughts in Workplace

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's been a week when I "came back" to "school". I really enjoy this one, learning those stuffs they're excellent with. I now, really admire those who are in this field, who are a Call Center Agent, and I think It's more than being a Call Center Agent. 'cause being called an agent is simple awesome.

Agent Sebajisoka.
Cool huh.
At least I thought so.

but kidding aside, those assessments and examinations makes me shake. But I'm confident. I didn't worry and I make it natural. Aside from the fact that I enjoy listening and talking in a foreign language, particularly English. I'm on a night shift, for a nocturnal like me, this is a good news. and I embracing these changes. from resting at home for about 2 years. I'm ready to support myself. A challenge that I hope I can overcome.

I'm still adjusting here but there's so many things that lies ahead. better to be flexible. I also learn here how to multi-task. which is a very hard thing for me to do. I usually on panic mode when things just came in one by one. You know.

But above all, I thank God for all the good things He has done for me.
I can really feel His favor in my workplace. like winning a minor raffle winning a Jollibee Gift Certificate (I rarely win in raffles, so It surprise me),  passing the assessments and examination, passing in the interview, winning a prize after answer a question (Yeah. I don't usually participate but whenever there's a prize, I'd go) and dancing in front of the training room (yeah. we've lost a group activity and we're required to dance Whoops Kiri. and I do my favorite macho dancer dance move)

Bright and awesome 2014.
God is awesoooome! :D


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A Special Place

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's my third time in this place and something's not right. Wonders don't always leave me this early, but now. It does. It's a very special place for me, but why excitement and my energy towards this seems to fade in an instant?
Walking through this path seems very different
Seeing those lights doesn't make me feel in awe
The ambiance is not the same..

But there's this one spot that always been special, always. And I can't look at it without smiling. Thoughts about it disturb my thinking.

I didn't go nearer, I might stay there for hours.
I'm ignoring you for now.
Then I decided go home.

I stayed there in less than 15 minutes.

I can't think of any reliable evidence that can prove why, exept for two. You're not with me. And I'm not with you.

I think it's acceptable.


Work? Work!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last tuesday is a sweetened day.
I have an interview and I ate only salad and leche plan for lunch. 
I went to BGC. At market market.

I'm not nervous or afraid but I don't want to. I don't want to be in the field.
Upon entering the mall, I stopped and I pray a simple prayer. "Lord, bahala ka na." Cause
I desire a work, I don't desire the position.

I take an exam inside.
It was an easy online exam.
After that, I wait. After an hour. They called my name, they told me to be ready for the phone simulation. Then, I waited. Again.

They placed me in an office type of room where I will wait for the phone to ring. 
5 minutes I waited. It rang. Just one more ring, I'll pick you up. I said.

"Thank you for calling abc company how can I help you?"
"Bla bla bla"
"Thanks for calling."

5 more hours of another waiting and I already met a new set of friends. And my tummy is hurting, there are butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to go home. Really. I want to release this feeling that I have. 

This is the only time I really appreciate comfort rooms. In times like this. You just need a sit and a quiet surrounding. I found one tho. I bursted out my anger and emotion, not just once. But 3 times. I'm owning the place beybe. XD

They called me again, this time for an interview. An easy tell me something about yourself question.. I call it easy because I just set those butterflies free. 

I need to comeback the next day at 10:30pm.
yes. In late night.
I poped up in the office at 9 just to explore around.
We wait again for our turn. 
God's favor is on. Our interview is not really an interview but a conversation with fellow applicant.

"Do you believe in God?!"

The first question that poped in my head.
Then religion, home, family, adventures, movie and I think we will never ran out of topic, we're unstoppable. Good thing the 'interviewer' stopped us..

And job offer!
Contract signing!

Went home for breakfast the next day. Around 5am

It's amazing how God set everything last year.
BGC. SM Aura. English skills. Confidence. Courage. Positive Thinking.


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Silence means NONE

Monday, January 13, 2014

For a week now I've been trying to figure this out. Maybe many of us believes that silence means yes. but not for all of us. You see, people who says such things are trying to prove something. A confirmation of other person's feeling or in pushing someone to admit their faults.

According to some research, I came up to this awesome conclusion.. That silence means none. Need an explanation? Just ask the Jeepney or Bus drivers. They knew it. I realized it the time I went to Market! Market! last week, they asked the passengers if there's someone who's going to here and there. If there's none. There's a moment of silence, then the driver will be embarrassed 'cause he's speaking to no one and then he have no choice but to move on. To the next stop.

Definitely, there's no absolute or single meaning of silence. It just differ in different situation.


All about her

Coffee Float and Fried Chicken Match Up

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things are changing and It's not strange.

This series of coffee float is on the run with different match ups but still with the same individuals. Well, many things have been processed since the last match up. Serious stuffs to not-so-serious stuffs. From jokes and cliffhangings to curiosities. From tear-dropping-good-news to shame-exploding-embarrasment.

It didn't last long unlike the first ones due to our life commitments and busy-ness but there's something that will last long for sure, this friendship and the coffee float. It will surely last long. McDonalds should give us a special award for this invention or they should feature us somewhere. Hopefully, one day.

The scope of our conversation is my stepping out of my weird shell, yes. I'm out. I'm free. I really don't know how to say it and I can't even remember how did I say it all in a short period of time.

It's funny to think about those stuffs. Everything that we talked about since the last time we're here. Though this time we didn't bought anything for any of our projects, and the fact that this is a requested conversation, she can reject it, but she makes time. She makes her way.

The personal stuffs are still there.
The secrets are there.
The revelations are there.
The laughs and teasing moments are there.

I found her eyes different today, tantalising. There must be something wrong with her. I don't know. But the movies are lined up for the future and the sneak on a Friday evening is scheduled, that excites me. Hopefully, everything is in sequence. What will happen?!

There are still many coffees needed to be brewed for us.
I hope they're still happy to serve us.
We end this talk with a super punch. And it waaaaas cool and funny at the same time.


Only God can Judge me

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I was in the mall today and on my way to the mall's exit, I encounter this angry girl being followed by an apologetic boy. I wonder what's happening.

Let's assume that they are. uhmm. a couple.

they argue about something,
they fight.
end of story.

Or maybe they're best friends
they argue about telling the one's crush one her crush and she feel embarrassed
they fight.
end of story.

or maybe they're siblings
they argue about what present they should buy for their mother's birthday
they fight.
end of story.

Or maybe they're strangers at all
they don't argue 'cause they don't know each other
they didn't fight 'cause I'm making this all up
end of story.

You see, when we use a single sense upon what's happening, I assume that we're only judging them and the situation. There are lot of possible thing that our minds can't think about. There are plenty. And only God know what exactly is happening about everything. We may not understand it all but He knows what's happening and what He is doing. 

Some people says only God can judge me.
I can judge them. Anyone can judge them but.. It is necessary? 
Is our judgement towards them is necessary? If it is only human judgement?
If you can't take it to eternity, is it necessary?

But what if God judges them?
Whoa! God is righteous and you're a sinner, welcome to hell.
but the good news is this. God is not judging of our performance anymore, that's on the old testament. God is judging us now based on Jesus. If we believed in Him. God doesn't look at your faults. 'cause Jesus already paid for them.



Ingat ka!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I asked someone for direction yesterday.
I received a honest answer, he points me to the terminal where it leads me to the place where I'll go and as a polite kid in town I said my thank you and goodbye thingy, and as I turned my back on him.

He told me "Sige, Mag-ingat ka."

As my feet keeps on walking, my mind is on dazed. This is the first time that someone who I asked for direction, told me to make ingat. Oh! How many people like him. telling some stranger to make ingat. Probably there's more.

I really never appreciate that 'Ingat' thing until yesterday.


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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

It's funny when people ask me for counseling.
What can I offer to them?
What kind of advise do they need?
I mean, I'm not a counselor and I didn't study about counseling.

I'm trying to figure things out, Why me?
What draws them to me, asking life questions?
Maybe the fact that I'm the Youth Leader in our Church? Or they just want to talk to me? Let's make bullets maybe?

Why do they ask me for counseling?

*I'm a youth leader
*They want to talk to me
*I'm a listener
*They don't know who to talk to
*I'm brilliant
*They need someone to talk to
*I'm awesome

Those are the possible possibility of why do they ask me for counseling. After 3 minutes and 22 seconds of thinking hardly enough that can 'cause insanity for non-brilliant minds, I come up with the honest conclusion you'll ever know: I'm simply awesome. That's one of the possible things I crossed out. Well, I'm not awesome but I know some. and I think I would stick to the fact that they need someone to talk to and I'm a listener.

You see, everyone who needs a counseling needs someone to talk to, someone who will help them out of the situation they're battling with and someone who can pray with them. And I love listening to people's story, aside from the fact that I learned from their story, I also feel better when they're trusting me with their native chronicles.

To be honest, I don't remember providing a good advice to anyone who walk right into me for counseling but I do remember tickling with some lame humor. 
I believe in some point, they really know what to do in situation, they just need someone that can help them brighten up their decision. 

I don't know if it's on counseling book or something. HAHA!



Hashtag Throwback

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 is awestruck year! and this is my biggest Throwback yet! 
Throwback begins in 3.. 2.. 1..

12 Disciples Gathering at JIL Norfil

A date with my best pal at Madrigal Business Park

Host at Christelle's 18th Birthday. 

Perya with KKBs

Swimming with VDM

Grace back from Cebuuu! :))

Valentine's Adventure! 

Encounter God Retreat, as a part of the committee 

March for Jesus! :))

Bro. Eddie in Muntinlupa with Mayor Aldrin San Pedro

DVBS class of 2013

Engr. Hacinth Rivera

Prayed over Cyrus at PGH

Matabungkay Summer Get away

Post Encounter

Tine's Back in the philippines

Summer with Eszpren at Batangas

Ate Kat's Farewell treat

Nick Vujicic in MOA

Finally, VDM is Complete

Dinner with Bro. Eddie and fellow supporters

Israel's Birthday

Overnight. Baywalk

Overnight in our home. Webcam toy with pals.

Meeting De Avanze at QC Memorial Circle

Overnight at Karl's

SOL 2. We wooon!

After service at karl's

Date with Wena. :D
Andrea's Baptism and family bonding at sta rosa
Things I want to say Sunday. Special Number

SM Auraaaa!

Ricardo Sanchez at New Life Center

Tither's Night

Re Encounter

With Best pal at Madrigal Business Park

Laguna Hot Spring

Wedding Singers.


Southville's 2nd Anniversary

Manila International Bookfair :))

VDM's Friday the 13th

Jericho March at Luneta

MJ's Day Treat

JIL 35th Anniversary

One of the Host at Patty's 18th
Volunteering at Philippine Red Cross

Victory Christian Fellowship Anniversary

Date with Cathy. XD

JIL Norfil Christmas Party

JIL Norfil @ 23rd

Swimming and Year end party
Ptra's Day. 

Worship Explosion Dancers
 Not to mention
My Game
Chatime dates
Mall tours
Pre-Birthday Celebration
My Personal Retreat

Enjoy some of this videos!

Adviser of the year according to Arianne. LOL
Emsooodeeep accoding to inda and ptra.


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