Coffee Float and Fried Chicken Match Up

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things are changing and It's not strange.

This series of coffee float is on the run with different match ups but still with the same individuals. Well, many things have been processed since the last match up. Serious stuffs to not-so-serious stuffs. From jokes and cliffhangings to curiosities. From tear-dropping-good-news to shame-exploding-embarrasment.

It didn't last long unlike the first ones due to our life commitments and busy-ness but there's something that will last long for sure, this friendship and the coffee float. It will surely last long. McDonalds should give us a special award for this invention or they should feature us somewhere. Hopefully, one day.

The scope of our conversation is my stepping out of my weird shell, yes. I'm out. I'm free. I really don't know how to say it and I can't even remember how did I say it all in a short period of time.

It's funny to think about those stuffs. Everything that we talked about since the last time we're here. Though this time we didn't bought anything for any of our projects, and the fact that this is a requested conversation, she can reject it, but she makes time. She makes her way.

The personal stuffs are still there.
The secrets are there.
The revelations are there.
The laughs and teasing moments are there.

I found her eyes different today, tantalising. There must be something wrong with her. I don't know. But the movies are lined up for the future and the sneak on a Friday evening is scheduled, that excites me. Hopefully, everything is in sequence. What will happen?!

There are still many coffees needed to be brewed for us.
I hope they're still happy to serve us.
We end this talk with a super punch. And it waaaaas cool and funny at the same time.


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