Wednesday, January 08, 2014

It's funny when people ask me for counseling.
What can I offer to them?
What kind of advise do they need?
I mean, I'm not a counselor and I didn't study about counseling.

I'm trying to figure things out, Why me?
What draws them to me, asking life questions?
Maybe the fact that I'm the Youth Leader in our Church? Or they just want to talk to me? Let's make bullets maybe?

Why do they ask me for counseling?

*I'm a youth leader
*They want to talk to me
*I'm a listener
*They don't know who to talk to
*I'm brilliant
*They need someone to talk to
*I'm awesome

Those are the possible possibility of why do they ask me for counseling. After 3 minutes and 22 seconds of thinking hardly enough that can 'cause insanity for non-brilliant minds, I come up with the honest conclusion you'll ever know: I'm simply awesome. That's one of the possible things I crossed out. Well, I'm not awesome but I know some. and I think I would stick to the fact that they need someone to talk to and I'm a listener.

You see, everyone who needs a counseling needs someone to talk to, someone who will help them out of the situation they're battling with and someone who can pray with them. And I love listening to people's story, aside from the fact that I learned from their story, I also feel better when they're trusting me with their native chronicles.

To be honest, I don't remember providing a good advice to anyone who walk right into me for counseling but I do remember tickling with some lame humor. 
I believe in some point, they really know what to do in situation, they just need someone that can help them brighten up their decision. 

I don't know if it's on counseling book or something. HAHA!


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