Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last tuesday is a sweetened day.
I have an interview and I ate only salad and leche plan for lunch. 
I went to BGC. At market market.

I'm not nervous or afraid but I don't want to. I don't want to be in the field.
Upon entering the mall, I stopped and I pray a simple prayer. "Lord, bahala ka na." Cause
I desire a work, I don't desire the position.

I take an exam inside.
It was an easy online exam.
After that, I wait. After an hour. They called my name, they told me to be ready for the phone simulation. Then, I waited. Again.

They placed me in an office type of room where I will wait for the phone to ring. 
5 minutes I waited. It rang. Just one more ring, I'll pick you up. I said.

"Thank you for calling abc company how can I help you?"
"Bla bla bla"
"Thanks for calling."

5 more hours of another waiting and I already met a new set of friends. And my tummy is hurting, there are butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to go home. Really. I want to release this feeling that I have. 

This is the only time I really appreciate comfort rooms. In times like this. You just need a sit and a quiet surrounding. I found one tho. I bursted out my anger and emotion, not just once. But 3 times. I'm owning the place beybe. XD

They called me again, this time for an interview. An easy tell me something about yourself question.. I call it easy because I just set those butterflies free. 

I need to comeback the next day at 10:30pm.
yes. In late night.
I poped up in the office at 9 just to explore around.
We wait again for our turn. 
God's favor is on. Our interview is not really an interview but a conversation with fellow applicant.

"Do you believe in God?!"

The first question that poped in my head.
Then religion, home, family, adventures, movie and I think we will never ran out of topic, we're unstoppable. Good thing the 'interviewer' stopped us..

And job offer!
Contract signing!

Went home for breakfast the next day. Around 5am

It's amazing how God set everything last year.
BGC. SM Aura. English skills. Confidence. Courage. Positive Thinking.


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