Hashtag Throwback

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 is awestruck year! and this is my biggest Throwback yet! 
Throwback begins in 3.. 2.. 1..

12 Disciples Gathering at JIL Norfil

A date with my best pal at Madrigal Business Park

Host at Christelle's 18th Birthday. 

Perya with KKBs

Swimming with VDM

Grace back from Cebuuu! :))

Valentine's Adventure! 

Encounter God Retreat, as a part of the committee 

March for Jesus! :))

Bro. Eddie in Muntinlupa with Mayor Aldrin San Pedro

DVBS class of 2013

Engr. Hacinth Rivera

Prayed over Cyrus at PGH

Matabungkay Summer Get away

Post Encounter

Tine's Back in the philippines

Summer with Eszpren at Batangas

Ate Kat's Farewell treat

Nick Vujicic in MOA

Finally, VDM is Complete

Dinner with Bro. Eddie and fellow supporters

Israel's Birthday

Overnight. Baywalk

Overnight in our home. Webcam toy with pals.

Meeting De Avanze at QC Memorial Circle

Overnight at Karl's

SOL 2. We wooon!

After service at karl's

Date with Wena. :D
Andrea's Baptism and family bonding at sta rosa
Things I want to say Sunday. Special Number

SM Auraaaa!

Ricardo Sanchez at New Life Center

Tither's Night

Re Encounter

With Best pal at Madrigal Business Park

Laguna Hot Spring

Wedding Singers.


Southville's 2nd Anniversary

Manila International Bookfair :))

VDM's Friday the 13th

Jericho March at Luneta

MJ's Day Treat

JIL 35th Anniversary

One of the Host at Patty's 18th
Volunteering at Philippine Red Cross

Victory Christian Fellowship Anniversary

Date with Cathy. XD

JIL Norfil Christmas Party

JIL Norfil @ 23rd

Swimming and Year end party
Ptra's Day. 

Worship Explosion Dancers
 Not to mention
My Game
Chatime dates
Mall tours
Pre-Birthday Celebration
My Personal Retreat

Enjoy some of this videos!

Adviser of the year according to Arianne. LOL
Emsooodeeep accoding to inda and ptra.


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