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Thursday, January 23, 2014

One of the funny moments that happened in me here in my workplace is, I just find it funny, the couple matching thing by some of my gay mates.

You see, when I was hired, I don't have any buddy, just acquaintances. And during the first day of training. I met again one of my acquaintance. Tiffany, I really like her name, it reminds me of The Skit Guys Video. Anyway, we've been friends since that day, we're seatmates and we do things together. I mean, during breaks, disçussing some stuffs, specially when one of us is asked by our trainer. My mate Zam even asked me if we're siblings 'cause we're always together

And just this week, our trainer rearrange our seats according to our groups. So we parted ways. But still during breaks we're buds. We can actually vanished from one place when you don't pay attention in our actions.

As times goes by, her friends grew rapidly. I didn't even know her friends. She's a friendly type of person, while me, a quiet type, testing the waters first and a one on one talkative me. And yesterday during the break, she told me that she's being linked to guys. Well, I already who the guys were 'cause they're shouting it out in the class and Zam also told me that she like my 'sister'.

And she told me that I'm included in the list
Woah. Hahaha! What can I do?! She's in demand for the guys and we're like the alwaystogetherfriendshipness.

When she said that.. No awkward awkward moment. No silence, for me it indicates that there's no malisya. We just laugh it off. But I want to know who are those people who linked us together. I know they're just having a good time teasing but just to feed my curiosity. I wanted to know.

And, my heart is disabled, I'm not into this things. Emjustsayin' XD


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